The Pharaoh Knew And This Life Proved It

The Pharaoh Knew and This Life Proved It

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The Pharaoh Knew and This Life Proved It

The following Quantum Healing session was facilitated by Hara Katsiki, BQH Practitioner as well as a Certified Teacher of “Heart Imagery: Cleaning The Past and Self-Renewal”®

& “Journeys Into The Heart: The Inner Path” ® from THE SCHOOL OF THE HEART by Master of Meditation Daniel Mittel. Her mission in this world is to be of service to humanity, inspire, anchor love into the Earth, liberate the souls who have lost their way on this planet to find their role and meaning in life, give encouragement and hope. 

Article by Hara Katsiki

In a recent Quantum Healing session, we time travelled to Ancient Egypt during the building of the pyramids. The client was a Pharaoh who was able to communicate with the high priests of that time.

He explained how the Pyramids were built with the help of God-like beings who were connected to Source. How these divine beings were assisting and supporting the building process. The Pharaoh explained that there was a huge quartz crystal hovering inside the center of the big pyramid. This crystal was holding tremendous energy. When the pyramid was ready, a light beam came from the sky to electrify the pyramid and activate the crystal. This energy raised their consciousness and helped to build time travel machines. From this crystal, a ball of energy would be created and transported to the time-travel machines assisting in their creation.

The quartz crystal inside the pyramid was holding a high frequency for the planet. This crystal, together with many others, within several pyramids, are all interconnected to crystals inside the planet, and they exchange information.

These crystals eventually were destroyed  (together with the temples) when people tried to use them for their own benefit. The underground crystals still remain hidden until our present time.

The Pharaoh was able to see into the future and has a message for us: 

“People on Earth should be careful with what they do to the planet. There will be an “event” in your future and you need to connect with God/Source. You need to stop the wars. People are distracted from what is important.

People on Earth need to connect with these crystals again! The crystals that were on the surface of the planet are all destroyed, but the ones underground are still there. Currently there’s only a  few people who know about this. These crystals are the heart of the Earth! They are essential. We need to connect with them again and bring their knowledge back. Now is the time that we need to access them. As we are moving into the New Earth. This is an important task and we must reactivate them to bring the knowledge back, to assist Gaia and the Ascension process”

This session was profound as well as being a transformative experience for my client. During the session we discovered that as the Pharaoh he was in that life, he misused his power and was actually one of the people who tried to use these crystals for his own benefit! So, in that life, his intentions were discovered and he was determined. He was able to learn a very powerful lesson from this life but as a soul, he never released the tremendous amount of guilt that he was carrying for all these thousands of years up until now. So, through this session, we were able to release the guilt and trauma that he was holding inside of him and experience deep healing.

A full audio recording of the session can be accessed here.

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