New Earth Updates

New Earth Updates

Session Stories

The following is the transcript from a recent BQH session facilitated by Hara Katsiki and her client Andrew. 

H: From your perspective how would you describe “The Event”?

A: I’m seeing a shaft of light, a column. “The Event” is individual, it is a collective experience.  But that experience is individual. it doesn’t happen simultaneously. For some yes but not for all. “The Event” will take place as a collective in the days to come. It will be explored on an individual basis. When that individual soul when it is time for that soul they will experience their version of  “The Event”.

H: So there’s no one fits all?

A: There is no one fits all. It is a collective experience, in the sense that, all will go through  “The Event” at similar time frames.  However, the experience of the event will be unique to each. There will not be one experience. There will be commonality and familiarity between clusters however there will be not one experience.

H: Could you mention some commonalities? Some common things people might experience? Just for us to have examples of what that might feel like?

A: Yes, of course. Some will experience nothing for there’s nothing for them to…there’s no experience to be held, for they are already carrying the frequency that “The Event” brings with it. And for them, it will just be a blink of an eye and they will know that the event has transpired for others but for them, it will have been nothing. They don’t need it. For others, they will receive a frequency through the crown chakra, that will enable them to open their heart space, to receive a greater amount of light, and then they will be able to see, not in their physical eye, in their mind’s eye they will be able to see the frequency coming through to them, as a pillar, a wave, a pillar of light that will wash over them. And they will bask in this. And it will be uncomfortable for some if they aren’t open to it if they aren’t ready to receive it in their conscious mind. Yet they will soften into the frequency, for it is not possible not to do so. And for others, they will experience great trauma and pain. They will be asked to leave so they have chosen not to experience this new reality. They have chosen to experience the dark and they will remain in that chosen experience if that is what the soul has chosen. They will experience an opportunity to leave and most will take that opportunity. It will all happen simultaneously. Not necessarily at the same time but simultaneously. The timeframe is small. Within minutes!

H: And do you see it happening soon? Within the next year’s?

A: It is very soon! It is on the current timeline?

H: What do you mean?

A: It is within the coming days, it is within the coming months. So it will likely be. We are saying 2020. The time is now! The time has come! It is 2020. This is the great year of change. It has to be. 

H: So this has nothing to do with the solar flash? 

A: It’s an individual event, the solar flash is irrelevant to the collective in the sense that you weren’t the catalyst. It won’t be a great tumultuous wave that comes across the mountains and washes over, but for some, it will be and for some others, it will not be. It depends on the frequency that they’re holding at the time. It can’t be experienced the same way for everybody because we’re not all at the same place. The experience has to be felt by the unique individual and it will be as a collective of souls. Many will experience a great wave. Many will experience a great wave but many will not.

H: And what happens to the ones that will not?

A: They will not have the right frequency to have this experience. It depends on their chosen pathway. Some will leave for they have chosen that they cannot hold the frequency. Others, as we have said, others will experience nothing cause they are already in the frequency, they’re

already holding the light. So some have already experienced it and some have incarnated into the planet holding that right frequency already. And others have experienced “The Event” but not as an event, just as part of their own spiritual development. There’s no Event to be held if you already hold the frequency. You don’t need to be upgraded if you’re already there.

H: So how will this New Earth look like?

A: The New Earth is beautiful! The New Earth is glorious! The New Earth is much like this one but it is brighter, it is clearer. The air is clean the water is pure. Everything is working for you. Nothing is working against you. The whole people are in harmony with the rhythm of the earth. 

They can feel it just like you would feel a heartbeat on a friend or on a pregnant belly. You can feel the life-force inside. The inhabitants of The New Earth will be able to feel the life-force of the Earth and they will be in rhythm with that life-force. That will become part of them. There is a symbiosis. There is a communication, a conversation at all times between the inhabitants and the planet itself. They will use that in order to heal the old earth. The old earth and the new Earth are the same Earth. No one’s leaving this Earth and migrating on to a New Earth. It’s just this, it’s the same earth. it’s just a different frequency of the same Earth. And so in order to bring about that frequency the initial way holders, those ones that are already holding the light, the ones that are able to bring more light in, such as Andrew. But there are others that out there holding more light than Andrew is able to hold currently in the 3d. They are already bringing about The New Earth. They’re already in communication with The New Earth. They are working with their guides, they are working with the celestial bodies, they’re working with the Galactic masters to all bring about The New Earth. And so that is a conversation with the new earth. It’s not imposing. It’s not a bringing the new earth on, it’s simply communicating with the earth at present and doing the actions required through sending the energy required, releasing the energy as needed, to bring about The New Earth. So it’s all a conversation. The more that human beings communicate with the earth the more that they will be able to use that communication to bring about the energetic changes they are taking place rapidly now. There is so much change coming. There is so much change already taking place and that change will be tumultuous. That change will be profound. There is a lot of uncertainty that is to come. There is uncertainty being held currently by the inhabitants. In the new earth, there is no uncertainty. 

However, to get to that place uncertainty has to be known it has to be truly understood and felt and it will be the inhabitants of the earth are in for a hell of a ride! There is a lot coming. It is going to be crazy, as you would say! It is going to be profound. Unreal. It is going to be like a Dr. Seuss novel. There will be so many things that just don’t make sense, but there is no way that the human mind can know those things right now, for they are of a different vibration. And as you begin to anchor into the new earth, as you enter into the new frequency, you will then understand. Until then people will have to sit with their uncertainty. Wayshowers and lightworkers will begin to rear their heads from everywhere. They have been training for this moment! Andrew has been training for this moment and has indeed part of this story. The Lightworkers will come forth and they will be seen as leaders. Not leaders above those that do not have the frequency, yet embodied. Our leaders as friends, as family members. Those community members will be seen as people to hold their hands. People will feel like they can hold the lightworker’s hands so that they can then embody the frequency. They will be seen as people who are showing the way. Those people will be helping others to make sense of the chaos. And when we say chaos, we mean chaos! There is much chaos to ensure. This chaos will not destroy, it will simply change. People need to prepare for this by simply breathing into the knowingness that they are held, that they are safe, that they are looked after. Everyone will have their own experience. No experience is to say in but this experience will be held by the collective. There is no escaping the chaos. Even if you are a bystander or an observer of the chaos. Even if you are not inside the frequency, if you are far above it, you will still know and witness what is taking place on your reality that you are within. And so those people that are observing, they need to hold a space for the people that are feeling at the most that are their responsibility. And that is something that they chose to do. That is why they’re here this will last for some months. It will last for many months, but it will start to come to an end by the end of this year. As you enter into 2021, the beginnings of 2021, there will be changes. You will notice, the new structures will start. The chaos will start to calm down. There’s no timeline, that’s specific. It all depends on how the inhabitants deal with the situations as they unfold. We see in the coming months much turbulence, much testing, much trial. Things will be placed, things will be flipped. Head up will be down, down will be up.  People won’t know what to do. That’s when they need to go in, that’s when they need to go inside. Inside their own bodies, inside their own heart space. Everyone has always known what to do! There is no individual on the earth plane right now that doesn’t know what to do! And when the chaos ensues they will know what to do. They just have to listen. And for some, what they have to do is leave. But know that the only people leaving, are the people that have chosen the dark consciously. If you have not consciously chosen the dark, then you have automatically chosen the light. But if you have consciously chosen the dark and you continue to choose, to stay in the dark, you will have no choice. You will have to leave, you cannot stay in the frequency of the new earth. It simply isn’t being held in the body anymore. And that isn’t a bad thing. It isn’t something that those souls should be ashamed of. It is simply part of their path. 

We had to say all that… Andrew had so many questions. We needed to answer the questions for him. He needed to have clarity because his work is important. All the Lightworkers, their work is important and right now people are being awakened. They’re starting to feel into what their mission is if they don’t already know. And this will continue to happen in the coming weeks as people start to experience a little bit more understanding and a bit more knowing. There is so much time right now to go in and to turn in, and we would recommend that all take this time to turn in as much as they can so that they can understand their mission in their purpose. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Just come back to the breath. 

H: I get goosebumps as you are bringing these messages through. Thank you so much!

A: Absolutely! It’s time that you all know. 

H: I have been waiting for this for my whole life!

A: We all have! Even those of us that are off Earth, we have all been waiting for this! This is beyond anything that you could know! Andrew’s body is struggling to maintain the light frequency that we are giving him now. We are holding so much light for you all. We are all watching! This is beyond the Earth! This is beyond the Earth! This is for everyone!

H: Yeah I also have heard that what will happen on Earth, is going to affect the whole galaxy or the whole universe.

A: It will! Many places are karmically tied to the Earth. The Earth has been a massive school. The Earth has been everything! It has been the highest. It has been the lowest. It has been a torture chamber. It has been a pristine heaven. The Earth is magnificent! The Earth is part of a global story, a Galactic story. The earth is a key! That is why only some could be here now. Even those holding the darkest of frequencies were chosen. They were chosen to hold the darkness, the lightest souls were chosen to hold darkness because only beings of such light could hold the darkness. Everything was put in plan. Everything was put in motion. Nothing is an accident. Every single being here is meant to be here. Every single person here is doing their role.

It is brilliant! It is magnificent! It is for all! 

We are cheering for you all. There is a cosmic applause and there is so much love. There is so much light in this applause because we have made it!

And yes, it will take time, it will take time to come into fruition. Months, years to manifest the new Earth! But we have hit the turning point, we cannot go back.

H: It’s great to hear these words. Sometimes being in a human body at this time can seem a little bit scary and I truly resonate with every word you said and I thank you for reminding us, and uplifting us and supporting us in this

A: We want to acknowledge the hard work that you have all done. As you said, being in a human body now is scary. It isn’t for the faint-hearted, that’s for sure! To be a human being at this time is one of the biggest blessings, for you are here experiencing this as it unfolds, embodied in the earth.

It is a blessing to be here and we honor all souls that have been chosen to sit in the darkness and to anchor the light.

H: Sometimes I think we are seven and a half billion heroes on this planet…(giggling)

A: You are seven and a half billion Light-warriors supported by trillions of souls, a number you can’t even imagine!

H: Thank you, thank you so much for these comforting words.



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