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Powerful Source Level BQH Session

The following video showcases an online BQH session where the client spends quite a little bit of time in the... Read more »

Multidimensiality 3 Ways

3 Ways to Describe Multidimensionality

Hi, everyone, it’s Candace Craw-Goldman, and today I’m coming to you to talk about multidimensionality, I’m going to talk about... Read more »

A Mysterious Drumbeat

A Mysterious Drumbeat

By Christina Lavers If someone were to ask me what I love most about BQH sessions my reply would be the way every... Read more »

New Earth Updates

New Earth Updates

The following is the transcript from a recent BQH session facilitated by Hara Katsiki and her client Andrew.  H: From your perspective... Read more »

Carry The Light

Carry The Light

Article by Quantum Healing Practitioner  Mario Radinger  In today’s Quantum Healing session, the client’s Superconscious (=SC) agreed to share their... Read more »

Cancer A Mechanism Of Transformation

Cancer a Mechanism of Transformation

Cancer has touched the lives of many and the following article provides an alternative perspective.  A surrogate quantum healing session?  Basically,... Read more »

Unfolding Perfection Trusting The Process

Unfolding Perfection – Trusting the Process

BQH practitioner, Christina Lavers is located in Upper Orara, New South Wales, Australia, and in this article she shares the... Read more »

A Fairy Tale

A Fairy Tale

Article by Quantum Healing Practitioner Mario Radinger  This Quantum Hypnosis client was suffering from a mysterious sensation of cold pain in his back... Read more »

The Reoccurring Loop That Can Be Broken

The Reoccurring Loop that Can Be Broken

All healing is self-healing, but sometimes we need a helping hand. Bee Heutling is here to help her clients release... Read more »

How To Self Hypnotize To Explore Past Events

How to Self Hypnotize to Explore Past Events

Have you ever wondered if we are able to hypnotize ourselves? Here at the hub of BQH we would like... Read more »

Breaking Out

Breaking Out

Article by Quantum Healing Practitioner Mario Radinger This recent Quantum Hypnosis client had been suffering from a life-long inability to... Read more »

Bosnian Pyramids Session Transcript

Bosnian Pyramids Session Transcript

Hara Katsiki, from Berlin, Germany, facilitated the following Quantum Healing session where amazing information about the mystery and legacy of... Read more »

How to Understand Suffering when You only Know True Love

How to Understand Suffering when You only Know True Love

As a Quantum Healing Practitioner I know how frustrating a session can be when the Higher Self answers every question... Read more »

The Return Of The Unicorns

The Return of the Unicorns

Article by Virginie Lafon Virginie is Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner  located in Lisbourne, France, where she’s assisting her clients connect... Read more »

Chicken Soup For The Soul

Chicken Soup for the Soul

I recently had the pleasure of facilitating an online session for a client in Germany. Before each session, I make... Read more »

Taking Back The Power

Taking Back the Power

Article by Mario Radinger On her Soul Journey, this client went back to a time before Ancient Egypt. She was... Read more »

Energetic Leash Resulting In Manipulation

Energetic Leash Resulting in Manipulation

Session Story by Ludmila Duhot The following session is about a client who has been feeling rather cold around her neck... Read more »

The New Wave of 2020: Children to Lead the way.

The New Wave of 2020: Children to Lead the way.

Article by Nina Morrocco The New Wave of 2020: Children to Lead the way.  I’m excited to share with you the... Read more »

The Time Travel Theory

The Time Travel Theory

Editor’s note: This is a great article to read if you are curious to know more about timelines, especially why exploring... Read more »

2 Become 1


Article by Mario Radinger This recent Quantum Healing client had experienced much hardship and many challenging situations throughout her life... Read more »

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