The Return Of The Unicorns

The Return of the Unicorns

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Article by Virginie Lafon

Virginie is Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner  located in Lisbourne, France, where shes assisting her clients connect with their Dragon guides, exploring the connections they may have as well as Unicorns guides and energy.  

The Return of the Unicorns

 I often wonder why we will believe in angels, nature spirits, and guides, but not unicorns or dragons? I have listened to clients express this very thing in my work as a Beyond Quantum Healing practitioner. Through this work I have come to understand that the only limits we have are the ones we impose upon ourselves. 

My belief system in this area exploded the day that dragons manifested themselves so strongly to me. Now the unicorns are coming into my awareness in the same way as the dragons; personal synchronicities showing up in my sessions, and their increasing presence on the shelves of our stores.

We don’t invent anything we imagine. The whole “fantasy realm” (what we consider to be part of imaginary worlds) is in fact, real. Everything is there in other forms, other appearances and other dimensions. We can easily accept the concept of 2D and 3D, and yet it is more difficult to accept that other dimensions exist. This is only a limitation of our mind and our conscious memory of experiences.

‘Fantasy beings’ are only one example of the many beings that exist in the universe. Because they were seeded onto our planet, they are close to us culturally and dimensionally. The unicorns, like the others, are always here, just inaccessible through our five bodily senses and within the third dimension that we are so focused on.They have been here with us all along. 

Symbolism in history

Symbolism is a language of the Universe. Within a symbol there are ideas and meanings that will be adapted to its recipient through their personal scope of experience and perspective. Early mentions of unicorns suggest a continuous existence throughout different human civilizations. In various ancient and medieval western texts they are portrayed as ferocious, sometimes even bloodthirsty, as they (along with dragons) will attack elephants, as having great purity, and only letting themselves be approached by virgin women. Living in the forest, they are the target of the most courageous hunters who use these virgins as bait. Their unique horn is a symbol of strength, and is said to have great medicinal properties.  

Unicorns today

The unicorn, widely marketed in many objects today, represents freedom, wisdom, purity and love. It sparks joy, the innocence of children, laughter, lightness, but also elegance with its purity of white alongside the rainbow of colors often making up its mane. It carries the ideas of magic and wisdom, holding both the power of the horse and its ardor.

At times we all hit our wall of exhaustion as we feel the suffering within society and the intensity of these times. If this symbol works and speaks to today’s western societies, it is because it represents what everyone would like to embody. Society is calling out loud and clear that there is a need for change, for a return to kindness and the values of love and joy.

The energetic view.

Rainbow energy is closely associated with the crystalline energies of the New Earth. The unicorns as a representation of this rainbow energy, are a joining of the spiritual and energetic into the physical form. As unicorns are beings that have lived on Earth in different  densities, they create a bridge between them.

Many of the horses that we encounter in our daily lives carry the energy of unicorns and can be considered as unicorns incarnated as horses. Have you ever felt or noticed a horse that made you feel more intelligent or sensitive? If there is a creature that has accompanied humans for most of our history, it is the horses, those ”cousins” of the unicorns.

Some people are also carriers of this unicorn energy, and are surrounded by one or more unicorns throughout their lives as guides, cosmic family, or protectors.

Unicorns with feminine energy also have the strength and power of the masculine. In this they are a beautiful example of these two polarities united and balanced. They come from spheres more evolved than ours, bringing with them the power to ascend, and a general knowledge of the evolution of humanity, and movement towards love and harmony.

The Unicorns are blending with Earth energies and humans at this time to help us find balance in our societies and in our own hearts. They are inviting us to find the joy, friendship, tenderness and wonder that life offers. 

We humans can choose to remain in our suffering, or to access that which is a higher frequency. Our choice will take place first inside ourselves in our imagination. Then it will manifest itself externally in a unique and appropriate way; through synchronicities, lightness and joy within our lives, perhaps being accompanied by a unicorn.

In the end, the unicorns are close to us energetically by the affection we have for them, through our common history on the planet and symbolically with what they remind us of. This is the moment for them and for us. Let’s let them know they are welcome. After reading this text, you may notice that your attention is drawn to images of unicorns.

When we push the limits of our belief system and question ourselves, being drawn towards the invisible, what might we experience?

Edited by Chrysilla Lewies / Diana Adair

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