A Son From Another Mother

A Son from Another Mother

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Virginie is a Beyond Quantum Healing practitioner who practices in France. She takes clients who speak French and English as well.  In the following article, Virginie shares a session where the client comes to solve a mystery of a confusing emotional response to a birth in her extended family. Please enjoy this short transcription of her recent session about souls incarnating and choosing different parents, and therefore different experiences, while still staying within the same soul group.

Some time ago I had a client for an online BQH session who was keen to understand her relationship with her nephew. The client learned that she was going to be the aunt of this new baby to come, and she expressed that she felt strange emotions that were unexplainable to her.

The client also expressed that when her nephew was born she felt a strong a bond with him, and a huge emotion that was not of sadness but of love, and reunion. It seemed difficult to explain rationally, and during her session she hoped to explore this connection further.

V– PractitionerM– Client

V: What link does Mary have with her nephew?

M: We have told her some time ago that this baby had been hers in another life. Now she understands it even more strongly since his birth.

V: Why did he not choose to be Mary’s child again?

M: Well, because he has already experimented with this and has come to experiment with something else, with other parents.

V: But why did he incarnate in the same soul-family circle of Mary and not with complete strangers far away?

M: There is a powerful love that binds them, and it’s not necessary to go far from those with whom we shared experiences. Often one chooses to reincarnate close to people with whom one has already evolved with, because their evolution will be even greater, and thanks to that the reminiscences of their past life, conscious or often unconscious, will also allow for a subtle evolution that will also be evolutionary. When you are in contact with a person you have known in a past life, and today in another context, the soul remembers and so it can tap into the reminiscences of a past life to take consciousness and act differently in this life. Also, the fact that the baby has Mary in his close proximity again is a way to pave his way with certainty, allowing him to evolve faster, and it’s the same for Mary. It will do something for Mary, it will be beneficial.

The soul of Mary knows, it is a connection and reunion. She can welcome the energy and these feelings. To relieve these emotions and feelings of injustice somewhat, Mary can imagine giving birth to her and tell her what she wants to tell him, that she wants to protect him and to accompany him. Doing this exercise can soothe her emotions. And then she can imagine giving him to his current parents.

The purpose of the soul is to evolve, why relive the same experiences with the same people?

In fact, the people of our current family, or simply our close entourage, are very often souls with whom we have lived other lives. Roles were different, relationships and experiences too. However, it is clear that the souls choose to return together to continue to grow, to evolve. Why? Because there is obviously a bond of love, and a desire to progress together. As “They” have clearly said here, it allows us to reassure ourselves, to know that we are accompanied by souls that we know, who accompany us and allow us to grow.

All this information came forth to confirm what Mary felt in her heart and what her guides had already made her understand. She had been the mother of this child in another life, and finding him right now, in this life was a wonderful reunion.

After her session, Marie was rather confused, but she remained conscious of all that she expressed on behalf of her guides during her session. She was aware of the strength of the karmic bonds, the bonds of love with this child. It was then easier for her to let go and accept the situation and for her to see the positive aspects; she can continue to accompany this child in her own new and very different way.

This is one session story unique to this individual client, although not so unfamiliar as a Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner. 

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