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Dragon Riders

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Virginie Lafon is a Beyond Quantum Healing practitioner who works with Dragon energies in particular, but this was not how her journey started.  Virginie never thought that her BQH work would unfold in this way. Using Beyond Quantum Healing is a perfect example showing that anything is possible and that we never know where this path will lead us. In the following article Virginie shares with us a short transcription of her recent session about Dragon Riders from the perspective of a dragon and how they connect with us; especially those who feels like they have a connection with dragons. 

V– PractitionerS– Client

V – What are Dragon riders?

S – They are mutual guides. They are our partners, and mostly human. I had a dragon rider a long time ago. I’m old now… that’s why, but the dragon riders are trainers and we are partners. 

Dragon riders show us things: they make us discover the world. Some things are more down-to-earth, and some reconnect us with nature. 

To answer your question, we are not “nature spirits.” We are separate from them; A little “higher,” but very close.There’s a coming together between dragon riders and their dragons as they are the proof of love between Dragons and humans. The Riders are powerful. 

Do they know?You must remind them. You must tell them that they are powerful, and not in a harmful way, but in the power of love. They can advise, lead souls in pain, and guide them. The Riders are a link between the Earth and us.

They are messengers, and from our point of view they are friends and partners. We choose our partners, and they are people we love and accompany.

Article by Virginie Lafon, who is located in Bordeaux, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France. If you are looking to explore your connection with dragons, and dragon energies you can contact her HERE

For more information on Dragons and Dragon Riders can be found on the following interview with Chrysilla Lewies Quantum Healer.

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