Dragons Are Real

Dragons Are Real


Virgine is quantum healer located in France. And as facilitator using the quantum healing hypnosis  process, her demand is growing, as she is assisting clients to find out  why they feel so drawn to the dragon energies coming in, and what their  connection to the dragons are.  Here is her story, explaining how it  all started.

I’m a BQH and QHHT®  practitioner based in South West of France, in the Bordeaux area. I’ve  been practising a little  over 2 years now,  and from the very first  month of my practice until today, I have had amazing sessions with some  very surprising creatures: dragons!It all started with a client  that came for a session, and told me he believes in dragons, and he  wants to know more about them during the session. This was very  unexpected as I’ve never heard about dragons being spiritually speaking  « real » beings, although I‘ve always loved them in a fantasy universe.

Throughout the session he experienced several past lives as different dragons, and he understood he actually is a dragon himself.This session left me in awe, and for a couple of weeks my mind was bent like a pretzel, (as Dolores Cannon would say!) and made me re-think the connection I too, have with them, and where my love for them came from.25% of all my sessions are now dragon related sessions, and I now do this as a full time job. Since that first session in 2017, they keep showing up. Some of my clients don’t even know about dragons, just as I didn’t before all this happened, and  clients who do know about dragons, come to see me especially for that reason. It amazes me, and makes me humble, and I cannot help but feel flattered at the same time.Some clients have messages for me as to why this is happening: why me?, why dragons? « They » told me, I am a dragon myself and it’s time now for dragons to come back and « connect » to us on this plane. We are highly encouraged (I want to say « we must ») to reconnect with them as they are here to help us, and the planet transition. They are pure love, and as I am writing that now I can feel their love radiate. They’re so beautiful.We are connecting with them more now than ever before, and BQH and QHHT® are wonderful tools to do so.

Article by Virginie Lafon

Illustration by Agnès Fouquart.

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