Energetic Leash Resulting In Manipulation

Energetic Leash Resulting in Manipulation

Session Stories

Session Story by Ludmila Duhot

The following session is about a client who has been feeling rather cold around her neck for a while. 

She’s been having issues with the concept of hierarchy and is having difficulty resolving conflict with ease. Her feeling was that those around her are constantly manipulating her and she felt disempowered because of it.

During the Quantum Healing Hypnosis session, she saw herself wearing an energetic leash, with multiple cords. This allowed those around her to have control over her actions. She felt that she was giving her power away which meant others were pulling the “strings,” and they were pulling them in any direction they would desire.

Her guides and “team” gently removed the leash, and the energetic cords dissolved. 

The meaning of the leash was beautifully explained; 

How many of us give our power away to those around us? 

When you feel that you are in a position or in a relationship that makes you feel disempowered, use the following affirmation: “I invoke the I am in me, and I take back my power. I am a sovereign being.”

What’s your story?

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Editors: Chrysilla Lewies / Diana Adair

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