The Importance Of Intention And Imagination

The Importance of Intention and Imagination

Consciousness Explorations

By Dr. Allison Brown   

If you’ve ever had a Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) session, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the importance of intention and imagination. Like many folks, you may have even discounted the significance of these two concepts. Heck, even Dolores Cannon had clients who left her office, dismissively stating that “they’d made it all up!” In other words, they had a hard time believing in the power of their imagination and its role in accessing other realities.

Intention and Imagination are critical to our understanding of ourselves as multidimensional Beings. During a recent session, a group of Arcturian guides came through to explain to our client, John, how to set an intention and use his imagination to access his own multidimensional Self. You see, John’s thoughts often get in the way. Sound familiar?

The first piece of advice the guides offered was to use intention to create an exit point for the experience. Where is it you wish to go? What do you wish to experience? Who do you want to interact with? 

“One must understand there isn’t one specific exit point. There are multiple exit points. It’s where you wish to exit [that] is the most appropriate. That exit point is set through your understanding and intention for you where you wish to exit.”

The guides further explained that we can use our imagination to create a “symbol” that will represent the exit point:

“Allow the exit point to be something that is referenced in your understanding, something that you understand clearly, whether that is a door, a passageway, a window…something that you can easily recognize and that will be your reference point for exit. Once you set the intention, your image will appear in front of you. That image will be your exit point.”

The Arcturians helped John understand that our imagination is a metaphysical gateway – it serves to “jump start” our experience. 

“When you use your imagination, you’re shifting your vibrational point into a space that is not existent in your physical state. In actuality, you’re entering into a vibrational place that does not exist. So, your imagination itself is your portal of existence somewhere beyond your physical state. Allow yourself to imagine whatever you wish to imagine, to assist this momentum forward.”

But how detailed does our initial vision need to be? And how do we know where our imagination stops and the experience becomes real?

“There is a defined line between the physical thought process and the imaginary vibrational point – a balance between your humanness and where you wish to go outside of your humanness. Yes, one thought may be the understanding of what you wish to look like. But, then, do not complicate it with, ‘it shall be wearing this particular pair of pants, this particular shirt, it should be doing this, this is what the inside of the ship should look like…’ That is where the thoughts begin to override or cancel out the moment. Allow yourself to jumpstart the process by one mere thought: ‘I wish to be the commander, and it has this appearance.’ That is it. And from that point, sit and begin to feel the momentum. Allow momentum, then, to be your vision, not your thoughts.”

As the Arcturians have said, you’re only a breath away from worlds you’ve perhaps only dreamed about! Once you begin to harness the power of Intention and Imagination, your opportunities for awareness and expansion will skyrocket!

Dr. Allison Brown is a best-selling author, Reiki Master Teacher and Quantum Healer, practicing in partnership with her husband, Will, just outside of Charleston, SC. Learn more about Allison, her books, and her services at  or visit

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