Wine Glass Shattering

Breaking of the 3 Glasses

An interesting thing happened at our farmhouse last week. We had a house full of family and I was busy... Read more »

The Art of Self-Discovery

By Devialini Agheda-De Souza Who am I? Where did I come from? What am I doing here? What is my... Read more »

A Cat Tale

A Cat Tale

By Dr. Allison Brown I woke to the realization that my sweet, indoor-only kitty, Oliver, who normally sleeps with me... Read more »

The Void

The Void

By Christina Lavers In my last article I described how sometimes the landscapes in which people find themselves while in an expanded... Read more »

A New World

A New World

By Christina Lavers While each journey is orchestrated by the client’s higher-self, bringing forth experiences that assist them to better understand... Read more »

Is Ego Death The Goal

Is Ego Death the Goal?

By Dr. Allison Brown I’ve always wondered about this concept of ego death. Granted, our egos can get us into... Read more »

Themes Structures And Unique Unfolding

Themes, Structures and Unique Unfolding

By Christina Lavers One of the things that continues to amaze me about BQH sessions is the way themes surface that connect the... Read more »

Crystals And Bqh Sessions

Crystals and BQH Sessions

By Christina Lavers During a meditation several years ago, a simple vision unfolded in my mind’s eye. I saw aspects of... Read more »

Good And Evil Timely Advice From The Collective

Good and Evil – Timely Advice from The Collective

By Allison Brown As I’ve mentioned in some of my previous articles, I happen to be married to a trance channel.... Read more »

Chicken Flies On A White Background, Cock Spreading On The Air

Yes, Chickens can Fly (and so can you!)

By Candace Craw-Goldman  It’s true, they can. They are not very graceful, and their range is quite limited, but they... Read more »

Step into Spring.... and celebrate

Step into Spring…. and celebrate

Article by This may seem a strange thing to say what with the lockdown going on all over the world.Why... Read more »

Our Intelligent Physical Body

Our Intelligent Physical Body

Tina Marie Bueno is an Intuitive Guide, Channel & Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner whose sole/soul purpose is to help you remember and reconnect to... Read more »

Dolores And Nostradamus Redux

Dolores and Nostradamus, Redux

Patricia Grootjans is a BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) practitioner and is well known within our community for facilitating surrogate Quantum Healing... Read more »

Le printemps se fête... un nouveau départ

Le printemps se fête… un nouveau départ

Article de Chantal Anders Ça peut sembler étrange, avec tout ce qui se passe dans le monde à ce moment. On... Read more »

Conversation With Shadow Entity

Conversation with Shadow Entity

Julie Aurora Wray is a practitioner of many modalities, and working with her she will help you find and heal old... Read more »

How To Spot Authenticity

How to Spot Authenticity

Editor’s note: Donna McMurtry, Quantum Healer and author at Spiral Path Therapies, is located in Colorado Springs, United States. She’s a... Read more »

How To Activate Your Telepathy

How to Activate your Telepathy

Through personal experience, I now communicate telepathically with most humans; those I interact with in person, as well as those... Read more »

What’s Really Going On With Neck Pain

What’s Really Going on with Neck Pain

Have you ever sat at a computer so long that your neck stiffens up and starts hurting?  Our strong necks... Read more »

Time Is Not Linear And You Have Already Ascended

Time is Not Linear and You Have Already Ascended

Editor’s note: Donna McMurtry, Quantum Healer and author at Spiral Path Therapies, is located in Colorado Springs, United States. She’s a... Read more »

Dancing with Gaia, Co-creating a New Story

Dancing with Gaia, Co-creating a New Story

Ever see a newborn? Notice how angelic they are? How they respond to Love? How they respond with Love?  ... Read more »

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