Dolores And Nostradamus Redux

Dolores and Nostradamus, Redux

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Patricia Grootjans is a BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) practitioner and is well known within our community for facilitating surrogate Quantum Healing sessions, and assisting clients who may have difficulty going into trance themselves.  She is based in the Netherlands and does sessions in-person as well as online. In the following article she talks about a conversation she had with Dolores Cannon one evening. (Dolores comments bolded below).

About a week ago, I woke up in the middle of the night and saw Dolores. Her face was so clear and I could hear her determined voice while she started to give me some advice. When this happens, I know that it is significant and need to pay attention. 

“Nostradamus,” she said.

“What about Nostradamus?” I asked her.

“You need to read the books I’ve written about Nostradamus,” she said. 

Somehow I had never felt drawn to read these specific books.  Although I love reading and I love Dolores’ books, I never saw the relevance of reading material about Nostradamus. 

So I asked Dolores if there was a special reason why I needed to read these particular books.

“Well he’s an astrologer, and you are an astrologer. You may find some information that you can use for your investigations.”

I knew she was referring to the book I am currently writing. In my first book, I received messages about bi-location and extraterrestrial communication. Now I’m exploring all the information that I collect in channelings or sessions on ‘timelines, bi-location and communicating with Alien lifeforms. 

“What information will I find that is important for me?” I asked.

She answered with the attitude that was so familiar, “Don’t ask why. Just read those books. You will find out yourself.”

She always does that when she comes in to give me messages. She still manages to turn it into some kind of riddle that I need to solve. 

Before I had the chance to ask another question, she was gone. 

I fell asleep again and didn’t think about it until a few days later; I read a post on a Facebook group where some QHHT practitioners share information. One of them was talking about astrology and asked if Dolores had any knowledge of astrology. Someone answered that Dolores was interested in astrology because she collaborated with Nostradamus and that her birth chart was in one of her books. Now that drew my attention. I had been trying to find Dolores’ birth chart for the last couple of years as I was curious what Dolores’ mission had been in this incarnation from an astrological point of view. 

I asked if she could remember where she found that birth chart and she answered she had seen it in “Conversation with Nostradamus, Volume 2.” 

I couldn’t help but think Dolores always has a way of bringing things to my attention. Now I knew which book to read first!

In the very first chapter Nostradamus was giving information that was the same information I had received in my channelings and sessions. I was so fascinated by his knowledge and wondered; Why haven’t I read these books before? The man is an astrologer and these books, conversation with Nostradamus, are combining the two things I love doing most, astrology and quantum healing hypnosis. 

I already found a way to combine the two by searching for information on past lives in a birth chart. But the way Dolores and Nostradamus collaborated opens a new perspective for me how to combine quantum hypnosis with my knowledge of the cosmos, or at least that tiny little part we call our solar system. 

I’m so glad I found her birth chart, and  I finally understand why we met in this life. We share the same desire to unravel secrets of the mind, the soul, the subconscious and I’m glad to see in her chart that she was coming from the same energy of love and unity consciousness. What surprised me most was to see we had played a role in each other’s lives before, somewhere in a past incarnation where we were a scientists exploring both medical and philosophical studies. And this time she came to help people make the shift to a liberated state of mind, an independent and sovereign consciousness. We are going through such a unique time, where we all can become aware of our origin, our infinite soul and our highest wisdom. That’s what Dolores brought to this Planet. 

What a blessing to have had her as a teacher in person and to continue to receive lessons from her to this very day.

This morning, something unusual happened. As I was tuning into a birth chart of a friend, looking for his past lives, I received a quatrain; a brand new way of receiving information for me and of course I wonder if Nostradamus has something to do with it?  I can’t help but think back to the interview I had with Candace Craw-Goldman a year ago. While we were preparing our meeting, the news came in that the Notre Dame was on fire, on Dolores’ birthday. A fire that Nostradamus had predicted, according to some astrologers.

I haven’t read all three books yet, so maybe the questions I have in mind have already been answered. I keep on wondering if Dolores was an incarnation of Nostradamus and she was communicating with a part of her soul in another timeline. Could it be that Nostradamus got his information about 400 years ago by tuning into his future self? Could this future self be a fantastic teacher going by the name of Dolores Cannon? 


April 29, 2020

Copyright 2020 © Patricia Grootjans



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