The Importance Of Intention And Imagination

The Importance of Intention and Imagination

By Dr. Allison Brown    If you’ve ever had a Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) session, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the importance of... Read more »

Cognitive Styles

Cognitive Styles

By Christina Lavers Before I started offering BQH session I had no idea how different our ways of perceiving reality could be. It... Read more »

Quantum Realms 2021 It Starts Today

Quantum Realms 2021 – It Starts Today!

By Candace Craw-Goldman Greetings to all Consciousness Explorers, Mindfulness Meditators, Spiritual Seekers and Awakened Souls.  Subscribe to the QuantumHealers channel to be part... Read more »

Introducing Quantum Realms

Introducing: Quantum Realms

By Candace Craw-Goldman Four years ago, I found myself really missing my teacher, Dolores Cannon.  By 2018 she had been gone... Read more »

“The Meaning of This” Coronavirus

“The Meaning of This” Coronavirus

For all those wondering what “the meaning of this” Coronavirus is, I would like to share with you what I... Read more »

The Key To Healing Is Compassion

The Key to Healing is Compassion

By Sonya Wilder  I have lately been experiencing tests of the soul. My clients have also been experiencing these soul tests... Read more »

Was That An Actual Past Life

Was That an ‘Actual’ Past Life?

The following questions were posed on the Support Forum, a private community for Energy Practitioners and answered by Candace Craw-Goldman Q: (paraphrased)... Read more »

Letting Go Of Our Stories

Letting Go of Our Stories

By Christina Lavers One of the most exciting aspects of BQH sessions is the fact that they allow us to see... Read more »

What Our Pets Wish They Could Tell Us

What Our Pets Wish They Could Tell Us

 By Dr. Allison Brown Over the past few months, I’ve had the extraordinary opportunity to facilitate personal conversations with a... Read more »

Seeds of Change

Seeds of Change

By Christina Lavers When contemplating three of my recent sessions, all very different in terms of style and content, each contained... Read more »

Quantum Hypnosis For Analytic Types It Is All About The Magic

Quantum Hypnosis for Analytic Types – It is All About the Magic

By Elisa Herrera  If you are a left-brain, analytical type, this article is for you! It will help you understand... Read more »

Like A Neutral Bridge Over Troubled Water

Like A Neutral Bridge Over Troubled Water

By Tina Marie Bueno  I get why you might be feeling a bit off kilter when your nightly dreams, meditational... Read more »

Radical Acceptance The Dance Of The Dark And The Light

Radical Acceptance – The Dance of the Dark and the Light

Christina Lavers is a BQH practitioner, located in Upper Orara, NSW, Australia. Christina is devoted to assisting people find and connect... Read more »

Is There Room For Compassion When It Comes To Narcissists

Is There Room for Compassion When It Comes to Narcissists?

Is there room for compassion when it comes to Narcissists? Our society, in recent years, has begun to shine a... Read more »

Corona Crisis Or Chance To Feel Connected

CORONA: Crisis or Chance to Feel Connected

One of my dear fellow Quantum Healer colleagues asked if ‘we’ as quantum healers, aren’t downplaying the reality of what’s... Read more »

Warning Labels And Dirty Guesses 3

Warning Labels and Dirty Guesses

Perhaps you find yourself in need of a new holiday tradition? My kids outgrew Santa awhile ago—and they didn’t care... Read more »

A Cat Who Remembers Her Past Life

A Cat Who Remembers Her Past Life

Editors Note: The following story is of healing and transformation by Quantum Healer Hara Katsiki. This story is one of so... Read more »

A Place Where Soulmates Meet

A Place Where Soulmates Meet

Nina Morroco is BQH practitioner located in Peebles, Scotland, and enjoys writing about the Twin Flame journey, and how souls are paired... Read more »

What Meditation Brings

What Meditation Brings

By guest writer energy healer and meditation teacher,  Loika Kodet One of the most amazing experiences about being an energy... Read more »

The Release Of External Spirit Type Entities Part 3 Of 3

The Release of External Spirit Type Entities Part 3 of 3

Spirit Releasement Therapy in a Quantum Healing Session – Part 3 of 3 Article by Christine Shanesy-Kooper Read part 1 Read part... Read more »

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