Quantum Realms 2021 It Starts Today

Quantum Realms 2021 – It Starts Today!

Consciousness Explorations

By Candace Craw-Goldman

Greetings to all Consciousness Explorers, Mindfulness Meditators, Spiritual Seekers and Awakened Souls.  Subscribe to the QuantumHealers channel to be part of this annual event! Don’t forget to click on reminders for any of the videos or premiere events that you want to be part of.

The topic focus by all of our speakers this year is Being Human in 2021.”

We have nearly 50 speakers participating this year. Nearly all of them are members of our QuantumHealers.com family and others are notable voices from the larger spiritual community.

Here is a list of just a few of our featured speakers: Patricia Cori, Allison Coe, David Manning, Kerry K, Alba Weinman, Michelle Walling, Heather Alice Shea, Marina J, Michael James Garber, Nina Morrocco, Will and Allison Brown, Donna McMurty and Diana Adair, Chrysilla Lewies and Hara Katsiki.

Other events include two roundtable events exploring Timelines and higher expression Phenomena that happen both inside and outside of our quantum healing sessions. These roundtables are filled with clips and stories that are sure to please. 

Every year we gather we do at least one guided meditation. This year’s, led by Hara Katsiki, is titled Save the Children.”  Those of you paying attention will know exactly why we chose this topic.

A new offering this year, which is the fourth year that QuantumHealers.com has been celebrating Dolores Cannon’s birthday and her inspiring and pioneering consciousness exploration, is a LIVE and FREE to the public webinar. This 2-hour webinar’s focus will be “Bifurcation-The Splitting of Worlds.” Everywhere you turn you see this split happening and no where is it more obvious than taking a glance at mainstream and social media. Our webinar is going to be 100% private, to take us outside the realm of “fact-checking” censors. This webinar will also NOT be broadcast on YouTube, Facebook, or anywhere our free speech might be monitored.

This webinar has a limit of 100 attendees. We are requiring registration and also requesting real names to attend/participate. Here is the Link to the invitation.

Finally, we begin the day with a QuantumHealers.com blog article written by one of our most popular contributors, Christina Lavers. Its focus is a BQH session story, A Mysterious Drumbeat, perfect way to begin our love and heart-focused celebration! 

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