Integrity Power And Truth

Integrity, Power and Truth

Beyond Quantum Healing

By Christina Lavers   

What can I say about BQH and the concepts of integrity, power, and truth? The real question is, where to start because they all relate in such a dynamic and interconnected way. 

In terms of integrity as the state of being whole and undivided, BQH has helped many clients uncover and reconnect with aspects of themselves that were previously obscured from their awareness. Sometimes parts of self who hide in the shadows of the unconscious, or aspects from other lives, timelines, planets, realms or dimensions, hold wounding and, or gifts that bring growth and healing to the now. Re-integrating the fragmented aspects of self, light and dark, that we may have lost or hidden away along our soul journey, allows us to move toward the wholeness of our being.

Interestingly, the more we integrate these lost, often rejected, aspects of self, the more we naturally step into the other meaning of integrity, being honest with a good moral compass. By consciously knowing and owning the fullness of who we are, the less likely we are to have shadow aspects operating unconsciously, creating an underhandedness to our expression and experience of reality. 

As integrity increases so too does our power. But power that aligns with integrity is power in the truest sense; power within and with, rather than power over. BQH creates a safe container to meet those parts of us that may have felt too overwhelming, or were too deeply hidden to face alone. And importantly, because BQH journeys unfold without an imposed agenda or framework, we can be sure that what presents is exactly what is ready to heal.

I have had clients who encountered versions of themselves in different lives who had abused their power and created much suffering during that lifetime. In their current lives these people were terrified of power, and without really knowing why, chose to keep themselves small. Through connecting with the lifetime that distorted their relationship to power, they initiated a process to heal their relationship with power in the present. 

Another beautiful way I have seen healing around power come through BQH sessions is where clients find themselves in ideal versions of reality. These scenes permit us to glimpse what is possible, what we are moving toward. Unlike our current reality, in these idyllic spaces, power, though still related to influence, is not about dominance and control, instead it is about allowing. Unlike control-style power which aims to impose its will over others, allowing-style power makes room, and holds space, for what is. There is a deep sense of trust imbued in this type of power, trust that there is a greater power that works through all that is. The more we are able to connect with this divine power and allow it to flow through us, the better positioned we are to nurture and sustain ourself and others.

Finally, this brings us nicely to the concept of truth. What comes to mind when I think of truth and BQH sessions is again the ability to access the deeper levels of self. The more we know and understand ourselves, the more we can be our most authentic self. This deepening of self can come through in so many ways. 

In a recent session a client who initially presented as somewhat hesitant and self-doubting connected with a joyous galactic friend who she had not remembered in this lifetime. This special soul friend reminded her of gifts and skills she had developed over lifetimes. As she recalled her training, that involved using her hands to charge space and water with light, she got a sense of herself beyond her current limitations. Afterwards there was a noticeable improvement in her poise and confidence levels. 

Another way this expressed was with a gorgeous young client. At one point in her session she received healing from galactic beings. She found herself hovering over her body as they worked on it. Seeing her body from this perspective she was struck by the level of vanity that she usually held around her physical form. From this disembodied perspective her sense of pride in her appearance seemed absurd, as it clearly had no relationship to her true worth, which was a constant and not related to the beauty of her current vessel.

Ultimately BQH is an extraordinary tool for self-discovery on all levels of being. It brings us to an expanded state where we can assimilate parts of ourself that lay beyond daily conscious awareness bringing more integrity to our being. It can help us to understand and heal distortions in our understanding of, and relationship to, power, allowing us to internalise power in the highest sense. And finally, it can assist us to see beyond our current egoic state, which can balance areas of self where we may have been inflated, or contracted, assisting us to embody more of the truth of who we are. 

Christina Lavers, Dip Clinical Hypnotic Sciences, is a BQH practitioner, located in Upper Orara, NSW, Australia. She is devoted to assisting people to find and connect with their own creative magical current that flows deep within. “As more of us learn to live our life in alignment with our hearts, the more love will be flowing around the planet. Our world urgently needs more love!” 

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