A Cat Tale

A Cat Tale

Metaphysical Musings

By Dr. Allison Brown

I woke to the realization that my sweet, indoor-only kitty, Oliver, who normally sleeps with me (on me!) hadn’t been on the bed all night. As I replayed the events of the previous evening, I feared that he might have snuck, unseen, out of the house when our dinner guests departed. As my daughter, Natalie, and husband, Will, searched the house, I sent a quick text to my close friends, many of whom are intuitive.

“Please pray for Oliver’s safe return!” I typed. “And let me know if you get any hits on his location,” I pleaded.  

When the inside search yielded no Oliver, I started to panic. Ten hours! Oliver has been outside, alone, at night, for the past ten hours! Will and I shook the treat bag as we scoured the back yard, calling his name. Nothing.

“Let’s talk to him,” I suggested to Will (trying to hide my looming sense of desperation). 

You see, Will, a trance channel, has spoken to hundreds of animals. Together, we’ve helped countless families cope with their own pet-crises—illnesses, behavior issues—surely, we could talk to Oliver and find out, at least, whether he was inside or out…(and worse), dead or alive. It’s very difficult to locate a missing animal by speaking to them, as their descriptions are vague—they don’t understand addresses, street names, or other familiar landmarks, particularly if they’ve never been outside.  

“I don’t get the sense that he is hurt,” Will answered, “but I’m too emotional to tap in right now.” 

And that is the dilemma of many a gifted intuitive—bringing through personal information is often difficult, impossible even, especially when emotions are involved. Throughout the day, our amazing friends buoyed us with their loving support and flashes of insight. 

“I saw a large space under a house built on stilts,” wrote one.

“Do you have a shed outside? One that’s alongside another main building?” asked another. 

“I’m getting that he’s under some kind of tarp and plants, well hidden and crouched down,” said a third. 

I reluctantly drove to work, leaving Will to continue the search alone, but by mid-afternoon I simply couldn’t sit still any longer. I felt an overwhelming urge to leave work and search the spot in our backyard that our friends had described. I knew that Oliver needed to hear my voice, and he needed to hear it now.

Jumping ahead to the happy ending, Oliver was found, safe and sound, shortly after I arrived home. But what is astounding is that, when he heard my voice, he came strolling out of the very place that our friends had “seen.” As you can see in the photo, it’s all there: stilts, a shed next to another building, and a greenhouse filled with plants and covered in a tarp-like material. 

A Cat Tale 2

When you immerse yourself in the quantum field—the realm of miracles and uncanny, unexplainable events—this type of outcome is common. But for me, it never gets old! I’ve come to expect the unexpected…watching LOVE show up in the most beautiful ways and filling me with a deep sense of gratitude for the connectedness that we all share.

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