Immersion On The Water

Immersion on the Water

Beyond Quantum Healing

This morning I walked along Augusta Lake – the location of our upcoming BQH Immersion. 

The wind was up and the lake had plenty of movement. I took myself to the water’s edge. We are definitely in a dry spell, the lake levels are noticeably down, and boulders and rocks typically submerged lay dry and white in the sun.

The closer the date to the Immersion comes, the more Masaru Emoto speaks in my mind. “This body of water will amplify your experience.” I heard him say as I gazed over the lake.   I sat down on a big rock by the water. He then went on to talk about healing and resonance and how, specifically, his work connected to Dolores Cannon’s and WHY they are still in collaboration with each other and continue to be available to all healers for assistance.

Whoa. So much to explore and plan for with our gathering! I have some really fun ideas!

I wanted to share some images from the event location, a lakehouse AirBnB.  Augusta Lake is definitely within the Augusta City limits, and the house is not secluded, but it is large and has lovely amenities and you can see just how close the water is from the dining room area photo.

Immersion On The Water 1

There are multiple bedrooms in the house that are available to book if you want to stay right there in the house where Immersion takes place. Those are available for an extra fee depending on whether you want to double up with a roommate or have a room to yourself. (Please email for more information.) This is a large place but it is a regular house, so there will be some shared spaces such as bathrooms and the kitchen. If you like more hotel-like privacy there is a Comfort Inn in Augusta as well as a Motel 6 nearby as an option, you need not stay in the house to attend. There are also many smaller AirBnB units in the area you can find.

Included in your class are the Sunday April 30 Meet and Greet Reception, and some unforgettable gourmet lunches provided by Donna McMurtry and Diana Adair

Immersion On The Water 2

Not only are Donna and Diana extraordinary Quantum Healers (and ahem… published authors) they are marvelous cooks and for many of our BQH in-person classes they have graciously participated as providers of love-infused nutrition as well as very valuable, very experienced practitioner assistants.

Immersion On The Water 3

This Immersion, in particular, has more of a feeling of “retreat” than any other prior gathering, but make no mistake, we will be very busy for 4 solid days, Monday to Thursday. The evenings are yours to do as you choose, but I imagine that there will be many walks around the lake or evenings of the firepit to enjoy.

Friday, May 5, weather permitting, will be a day out at our farm which is about a 20-minute drive from the Immersion Lakehouse. Those Fridays after the classes are my favorite times of all, and I will talk more about that in an upcoming blog.

For more info about how to enroll in the Immersion Event please see the following link and if you have any questions, please contact us at

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