BQH and Parts Work

BQH and Parts Work

Beyond Quantum Healing

By Christina Lavers  

I had a client whose intention for her Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) session was to bring more clarity and cohesion to her inner system. I do parts therapy in my hypnotherapy and coaching work, but had never used BQH specifically for this type of exploration. I was very curious to see how the session would unfold.

The idea of parts therapy is that we have different parts of ourselves, with different strengths and weaknesses, that play different roles in our lives. Most of us organized our inner systems unconsciously, often in reaction to upsetting or traumatic situations. As small children with limited understanding of ourselves and our world, we did the best we could. So, it is not surprising that for many of us the way our systems are organized are not ideal for living well. For example, often wounded, young parts come to the fore when we are triggered or experiencing stress. A classic example would be someone who struggles with confrontation. People often report that they feel small and lose their ability to speak eloquently when confronted. Parts therapy approaches would explain this as a pattern of having the wrong part operating in the wrong situation.

It turned out exploring this inner system through BQH proved very enlightening. After, experiencing some playful fairy wisdom, the client came across a group of beings moving in a circle. There was a small being in the center that looked forlorn. She wanted to go to the small one to offer comfort, but there was one particularly protective being that aggressively kept her away from the little one. When she asked why it would not let her pass it said that whenever they let someone in, they got hurt. 

Another being, who the client described as wise, stepped forward to explain that this agitated protector aspect was running the show, dominating, and making life difficult for them all.

I acknowledged the important work this protector part was doing to keep the client safe, but also remarked how exhausting this job must be. The part agreed, it struggled with the intensity of its role. I asked what would help and another being stepped forward. ‘I am calm and I can help by bringing a sense of peace,’ this part said. When calm came to the fore a softening occurred. 

But the agitated, protective part was not entirely assuaged and was still resistant to give up its hyper vigilance style. Another part then came forward who called itself discernment. This part said that if given time to assess, they could ascertain whether something was safe or not. Working together with calm and the protector, they could keep the system safe without needing to be in a constant state of alert. It was then agreed that discernment would be better suited to take over control of the internal alarm system, ensuring the nervous system would no longer need to be continually in threat mode. Having this support would mean the protective part would finally have room to step back and take a break, allowing it to function in a much more optimal state.

At this time another being stepped forward. This part called itself joy. “There has not been room for me up till now. Let me lead sometimes, trust me, and I will take us to great places.’

A sense of excitement was brewing. The client and her parts saw how by working together she could move forward in a way that felt safe, rather than going around in circles, focused on survival. 

When checking in to establish if there were any parts that were not on board with changes, a part that said it struggled with trust came forward. Initially when asked what would help it to build trust, it said that it had to leave the group to find what it needed in the wider world.

The wise part then stepped in and said, ‘You will not find what you need to trust out there. This is an inside job. Each of us can help to build you up. It will take time, but the more we work together, instead of against each other, the easier it will be to trust.”

At this point the child part stepped up. ‘I want to lead sometimes too. I can be playful and fun.’ There was a sense of apprehension in the system at this potentially dangerous idea.

The wise part spoke again. “Each part will now have a chance to be heard, and collectively we will decide how best to move forward. Together we will decide the most suitable time for each part to lead, with consideration for the whole. With every step we take together, operating in a harmonious cohesion, rather than disjointedly, it will become increasingly easy to trust the momentum. 

As the wise part said, transforming our reality is an inside job.  As people choose to bring more light of awareness, alignment and coherence to their internal systems, I hope to see more of this reflected in our external reality. The dog-eat-dog paradigm of one group dominating at the expense of another is old and tired. I see us preparing for a new stage of evolution, one where we will move from competition, discord and power-over, to collaboration, harmony and power-with. As within, so without.

*dialogue is an approximation of what was said.

Christina Lavers, Dip hypnotic sciences, is a BQH practitioner, located in Upper Orara, NSW, Australia. She is devoted to assisting people to find and connect with their own creative magical current that flows deep within. “As more of us learn to live our life in alignment with our hearts, the more love will be flowing around the planet. Our world urgently needs more love!” 

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