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BQH Immersion countdown – 60 days to go

Beyond Quantum Healing

Only 60 Days until the next Beyond Quantum Healing IMMERSION (class) experience for practitioners.

Dates: April 30 to May 5

Location: Augusta, Kansas. (Just east of Wichita) 

Seats: 12 Total  (2 already booked and two more confirmed at this writing)

I have been working on the focus of this upcoming gathering/event and it won’t come as a surprise to any BQH practitioner that the one focus, for sure, will once again be water.

Humanity is continuing to expand its knowledge and relationship with this life-giving element. From ancient rituals, indigenous wisdom to the work of Masaru Emoto to Gerald Pollack and Veda Austin, ever more exciting discoveries are being made. And these discoveries are not only practical and scientific in nature, but far more personal. “What?” You might ask, “Personal? How can my relationship with water be personal?”  

I assure you, that it absolutely can.

Water is an integral part of a Beyond Quantum Healing session, and truly while there is nothing new about the use of water in prayer and ceremony, acknowledging the important, and yes, personal connections made with water during consciousness exploration and regression therapy is a novel approach. 

I vividly remember my teacher, Dolores Cannon, advising both practitioners and clients to limit water intake before a session as to ensure fewer bathroom break interruptions. My own current advice is the complete opposite of that, and a large measure of that advice has come to me through dream information – directly from Dolores Cannon and Masaru Emoto themselves!

In the upcoming Immersion Class we will connect as a group to the living consciousness that IS Water and invite Water to assist us in our expansion and connection to each other and our future clients and their goals. Lecture information, Stories and Experiments are planned. In addition, the event location itself is built right on the water! It is a large and beautiful Air BnB Lakehouse that is located just steps away from Augusta Lake. (More on the location in a following post.)

The photograph posted above is one of me sitting on the floating dock of our South Pond. It is a much beloved place for me to meditate and write. The quiet energy of the water seems to amplify the connections to Self and Nature. Our beautiful farm has two ponds, one that flows into the other. Water flows into the North and empties into the South pond from the northern inlets. This next photograph was taken while standing on the dock, looking back towards the barns.

Bqh Immersion Countdown

We also have a much larger live water source in a beautiful secondary creek called “Muddy.” Muddy Creek lays below our barns and hay fields and flows East to West and very nearby, empties into a major local water source, the Walnut River. This creek is a favored attraction for humans, farm animals and of course, the local wildlife. There are many special locations I want to share with you! On day 5 of the Immersion Class all participants are invited to the farm to walk the trails and connect directly with the animals, land and water.

More info coming and also more details here, where you can also register for the event:

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