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This is the first in what will hopefully be a more regular thread of articles woven together, on the topic of Healing and Awakening in the New Earth. My inner guide has been nudging at me to sit down and write more on this topic.

It feels big. I’ve felt nervous about it. Kind of like when I was a dancer, performing a ballet, a modern dance, or a theatrical show. I would be so excited and yet nervous. The lights, the audience, the choreography, the music. Eventually, it’s just TIME. Out you go!

So, here we go. Let’s see where this takes us.

This series of articles will loosely explore these three questions, comingled with various stories and insights: What is Healing? What is the New Earth? What is Awakening? I say loosely because, well, that’s how this kind of writing operates. Once you’re in the zone of intuitive flow, you have to just allow it to unfold.

We are currently in the new energies of March 2023, a time of a great and swift energy of change and transformation. Take aim. Together, we are heading into the storms to come that take us through the portal of time to 2027 when we will look back in awe and wonder of the beauty we have been steadfastly creating together. Oh, yes there is so much more to come than we can even imagine in this moment.

Let’s begin. Healing feels like the best place to start.

What is Healing? It starts in the present moment, right where we are; broken and battered, confused and reluctant. It has a start, and maybe it already started long before the present, but we just weren’t aware of it. Not until we started to unpack the stories.

Healing is also a desire, a thing we hope to achieve perhaps. It can feel like a daunting possibility if there is a lot of trauma, or if what needs healing feels too scary to look at.

Before we can step into the new, we must address the old. By this I mean, when approaching any healing process, it helps to identify some things about where we’ve been so that our human brains can begin to formulize a possible recipe for moving forward.

Doesn’t one’s story usually flow in a way that makes sense to our linearly-oriented human minds? Although, many of you may already know we are beginning to scratch the surface of comprehending a non-linear understanding of ourselves. For now, let’s look at healing as a process of re-connection.

To do this, it only seems fitting to find out what is disconnected. If healing is wholeness, or a sense of being whole even if there is a brokenness that will always be there, then not-healing is disconnection. If we are not healed, then we are dis-connected. This is about naming the way things have been so that we can create an intention for the way we want to feel or the healing we wish to receive.

So, we look at what is disconnected. Let’s use an example.

In my case, 2002 was a pivotal year. It was the year my self-destruction hit a brick wall. I call it my millionth wake up call. Since then, everything has unfolded to help me live my soul’s destiny because I finally said HELP to the Universe, and then YES to that help in whatever form it came.

Perhaps you’ve had a similar experience.

It feels like a sense of being cut off from the inner knowing that you know is there, but you just can’t find it. It can also feel like the connection with shame and anguish is so strong that the way back to love and relief is very far away. Or it just feels like being lost.

It’s not that your guides are not always with you. It’s not that you are devoid of spiritual assistance. It’s just that the connection was cut off, like a phone line. The line goes dead. You get a busy signal. It’s goes fuzzy.

This is why healing is about reconnection. On your way back to yourself, you are creating a new channel of connection to the guidance, to your soul.

It is about learning how to trust that you can return back to yourself, that there is a part of you that loves you that never left you. It is about loving all the unloved parts of you. It’s about learning how to tell the difference between the parts of you that were abandoned and the internalized oppressor that is definitely NOT you. It is also about learning how to listen to your higher guidance, and then follow what you know is right for you.

There is a pathway back to your soul. That is the healing way. It is filled with beauty, love, and truth. When we heal, we are adding to the love quotient of the planet. When we heal, we heal others just by becoming more conscious and elevated.

During this period of human evolution, I see that our hearts are coming online. They are getting stronger. The more we move forward toward our dreams, our sacred calling, the bigger the view gets. We can start to see how consciousness is opening. We are identifying as cosmic beings of Earth, and members of a greater community of souls that are cheering us on. I feel them gently coaxing us to wake up and remember who we are. They’ve been patiently doing this for a long time.

Day by day, hour by hour, we are coming out of that great slumber of forgetfulness. As one of my guides told me when I was very young, “Remember. Don’t forget. All is held in the golden light of love. Humans are all here to love each other. Your true nature is light. Be the light. Share it and others will remember too. All around you. Just by connecting with them. They will remember too.”

When you realize there is something that needs to be resolved, that is a signal that you are awakening. Healing is also about resolution. We may not be able to undo becoming wounded. But we can allow that wound to seal by finding resolution. There are many ways to do this. Each person’s journey is a story of finding the best ways for them. That is why we have developed so many amazing modalities for reconnecting with inner guidance. Ultimately, they are all leading to the same place. Ultimately, they all include facing our ego, forgiveness, kindness, and a sincere intention to grow.

With that, I’ll close this segment of our thread. I’m already beginning to write the next part about facing our ego and the way back to the soul. I hope this article serves you well.

Stay tuned.

In Peace,


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