Seeds of Change

Seeds of Change

Consciousness Explorations

By Christina Lavers

When contemplating three of my recent sessions, all very different in terms of style and content, each contained a tiny fragment that united them and was relevant to the collective: seeds.

In the first session, the client felt herself rising up above the Earth, past the moon until she found herself perched on a star looking down on the planet. As she watched the twinkling city lights, she noticed that she felt completely removed from the busy energy, and something about her nature felt different. 

With that realisation she returned to Earth and discovered that she felt tiny compared to normal, and then it occurred to her that she had wings. “I’m a fairy,” she said.  She found herself in a forest surrounded by many creatures. In this place she felt essential. She was fluttering around collecting precious seeds from all the beings in her surrounds. In her fairy body her experience of size was different. Blades of grass were towering and the seeds she was joyfully given felt huge in her little fairy hands. Once she had gathered the seeds, she began the process of planting them. The seeds sprouted immediately as they dropped into the earth. She and the other creatures watched with full hearts as immense trees grew from the tiny seeds. These trees contained homes for everyone in the community. She said there was a new sense of connection, fun, love, and security felt by all.

When I asked her what her human-self could take from this experience, she answered that it showed her that we have the power to make life better, for everyone as a whole. Humanity can move beyond all the anger and hurt and heal and grow together. The seeds here represented that essence that each of us needs to find and cultivate within; our own unique contribution that can align and synchronize to play a part in creating a better world for all.

In the second session, the client said everything was dark and he felt like he was underground. He said it felt warm and pleasant and there was a powerful sense of peace and calm. There was nothing to do, other than be. He then realised he felt like a seed waiting to sprout. Interestingly, from this perspective there was no sense of impatience, rush or urgency. He just felt a deep sense of knowing that all would unfold perfectly. At an earlier stage in the session he had seen a huge cloud of colours contracting into itself until it became just a tiny point. This point, he said, was like a portal or gateway that contained the infinite potential of everything and nothing. The seed embodied this energy.

The take-home for him was that this was a state he could connect with when external reality felt too much. He could withdraw his awareness from the busyness and commotion and come to this point of stillness within, symbolized by the seed. In doing so he would nourish his true essence.  

In the final session, the client connected with what she called ‘ET’ awareness. The ET’s explained that they were planting seeds in her for a future time when they would be able to work more directly together. When asked to expand on this, they explained that she and everyone on Earth would need to gather facets of themselves from different timelines or dimensions. By reuniting key pieces of self hidden throughout time, we would be bringing the wholeness of who we are as multi-faceted, multi-dimensional beings into the now. 

They explained that each person would coalesce and align the facets of themselves in their own way and their own time, but once everyone had reached this point, we would be able to collectively rise up as a united whole into the higher dimensions. However, they added that though we would all need to have done our part for this collective level of complete dimensional transcendence to occur, none would be limited in terms of what we could achieve individually. 

They also explained that while there were those who had already started doing this work on an individual level, collectively we were still deep in the process of shedding density and this work, which brings up so much of the old toxic energy that needs to be healed, is currently overshadowing what is to come. 

It’s interesting that when she shifted between her human perspective and the ET perspective, she was struck by the difference in feelings around what was to occur. From the human perspective there was a sense of excitement, anticipation and impatience; while from the ET point of view there was a sense of profound calm and equanimity. As humans we tend to want to get to the ‘awesome’ parts as soon as possible, while from the ET perspective she noted that there was an easy knowing and confidence that the planted seeds would unfold exactly when and how they were meant to. 

The threads that weave through the concept of seeds in these sessions have to do with essence, potential and divine timing. We have long allowed ourselves to be distracted from the truth and power of who we truly are by believing what we are told about ourselves by outside sources. Time and time again I am struck by the indescribable wisdom, intelligence, history, beauty, perfection and magnificence that hides beneath surface awareness, and yet the other commonality I see so often is a secret belief of unworthiness. I feel these seeds of potential buried within laying patiently, waiting to be nourished with some of the focus and faith that we currently place outside ourselves, so that they may unfurl into the world, aligning with the deeper truth and potential of all that is.


Christina Lavers is a BQH practitioner, located in Upper Orara, NSW, Australia. She is devoted to assisting people to find and connect with their own creative magical current that flows deep within. “As more of us learn to live our life in alignment with our hearts, the more love will be flowing around the planet. Our world urgently needs more love!”

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