Is There Room For Compassion When It Comes To Narcissists

Is There Room for Compassion When It Comes to Narcissists?

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Is there room for compassion when it comes to Narcissists?

Our society, in recent years, has begun to shine a light on what appears to be darker topics people never dared to discuss before. 

I have noticed on Social media in the last few years the increasing volume of posts and memes to define this particular type of person. Is narcissism becoming the norm to enable us to label those individuals who we seem to be disagreeing with? Or are we finally able to identify characteristics in those around us that match the official description?

So, what is the official description of a Narcissist? “Narcissistic personality disorder — one of several types of personality disorders —  a mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others.”

I often see posts where people are describing narcissists as un-empathetic, calculated, cold, unloving, self-interested, cruel and sometimes dangerous, and I agree in my own experience Narcissistic abuse can be all of those things. This kind of abuse can also be very serious and incredibly damaging to the person on the receiving end. Recovery from narcissistic abuse can be very challenging, and most providers of such recovery seem to have the blame/victim mentality, where all the blame is put onto the abusive person and the reciprocate is the victim.

I want to make the point here that this article is in no way excusing anyone for taking personal responsibility for their actions, life choices, and behaviours. However, I do want to express a wider and deeper perspective. I have gained partly through my personal growth but also the work I do as a BQH practitioner. “When we experience people with these behaviours in our current lives, it is perhaps our souls way of showing us life from a different perspective and perhaps we have had lives with these personalities ourselves.”

A year or so ago, I had the realization that I had indeed encountered and to a certain extent, invited these types of personalities into my own experience. What am I learning? Why were they so attracted to my personality? Why was I so attracted to theirs?

Often I find people with these traits very interesting, somewhat charming and sometimes fascinating to be in the company of.

I was curious as to why?

My findings surprised me more than I could have possibly imagined, through a series of quantum healing sessions, and CTT (consciousness transformation technique) tapping sessions, I discovered to my surprise that I have had incarnations where I also had this type of personality. And in one particular CTT session, I had a vision of myself as a very wealthy man and had many slaves having no guilt with sending people to their death and received a rush from giving such a command. It felt very strange to be viewing myself in this way, but I could not deny that this was an aspect of me. 

We then explored this further, and I came to a scene where I was a young boy, in the same life as this wealthy and cruel man. This boy was being sexually abused by someone in armour and there was no one around to stop the attack. 

This boy felt alone, scared, abandoned and it was obvious that he had no one to help him; no one cared for or loved him. It became clear to me that this was what had led to this man’s cruel way of being.

I also had a surrogate session for my daughter last year, where it was revealed that my extremely difficult pregnancy and my daughter’s medical conditions shortly after her birth were energetically caused by the need to clear energies from a life where she was my slave. This information was channeled through the surrogate who knew nothing of my previous CTT session. I instinctually feel this may have been the same lifetime as that CTT session had revealed.

This was not what I had anticipated and it took some time to comprehend that an aspect of my soul could possibly have been this way towards others and my child. I can’t pretend it was a comfortable realisation.

It suddenly dawned on me just how clever our souls are, as I was being shown the experience of having a lot of narcissistic people in my current life,. I needed to see and experience these things from a different angle compared to what other aspects of my soul have also experienced. 

When we have this realization we begin to grow our compassion for every single soul no matter what experience they are currently having. 

So, when I see social media posts now that point the finger of blame an individual, I am guided to point this out; as this realization had come to me with a huge amount of love and empathy for all souls.

I understand that people with this type of disorder are not very self-aware, so it would be hard for them to accept and be open to this type of information, or even seek any kind of help or healing regarding their issues. We cannot change someone else; however, we can change how we respond to someone else’s behaviour.

The moment I thought I had finished writing this article a series of events unfolded. After editing the article I was considering submitting it to the quantum healers blog, my phone rang with a number I did not recognize, I answered to an unnerving automated voice at the other end of the phone to what I later realized was a very threatening and professionally executed telephone scam which somehow pushed me to do something I had been meaning to do for a while, and it also got me to thinking about what kind of person puts such detailed effort into frightening people and scamming them out of money, not to mention the fear, and in my case prompted me to taking action. This is almost exactly what Narcissists do. 

They push us into stepping forward into our power, standing our ground and standing up for ourselves, however hurtful or scary their behaviour is they are somewhat of a gift to us in our growth and our path moving forward.

Later the same day I received a message from someone from my past, who was indirectly involved in a situation where I had to stand up for myself due to a series of narcissistic behaviour. Someone whom I had not heard from in a long time where, a conversation unfolded to which I had a choice to either ignore the messages or respond pleasantly whilst not giving any of my personal information or my power away. This also made me realize just how much of a gift these difficult situations can be in self-reflection and measuring just how far we have come.

For it’s an element that is within us that allows the behaviour into our reality, to reveal to us what parts of ourselves we need to work on, and it’s also my understanding that there is also a large part of us that can resist any continuation of such behaviours.

I want to close this article by saying what a gift every one of these lessons has been because it has led to this glorious, miraculous work of Quantum Healing, which has led me to some of the most loving, open, accepting, nourishing and kind friends and colleagues I have ever had the pleasure of welcoming into my reality.

If it were not for any of those other lessons, including those individuals who enabled me to learn from their behaviour; I would not be the person I am today nor would I find myself on this path as a Quantum Healer! A path that I believe I agreed to before I got here so my soul could see life from all perspectives and expand in the direction it was required to grow in.

Article by Nina Morrocco

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