What Our Pets Wish They Could Tell Us

What Our Pets Wish They Could Tell Us

Consciousness Explorations

 By Dr. Allison Brown

Over the past few months, I’ve had the extraordinary opportunity to facilitate personal conversations with a variety of animals – both mine and those of friends and colleagues – through my husband, Will, a trance channel. As a BQH practitioner and the wife of a channel, I had already participated in an amazing array of mind-blowing communication streams, with energies ranging from humans’ higher selves to angels, Extra-terrestrials, Mother Earth, fairies, light Beings, deceased ancestors, and (believe it or not) even inanimate objects. 

Nevertheless, speaking to our animal friends has brought me profound joy and has been one of the most significant experiences of my life. I think this is because animals exude such overwhelming, unconditional love, that it brings me to tears almost immediately upon connection. Connecting pet owners with their pets has resulted in more meaningful relationships between them, increased empathy and compassion, a sense of peace when faced with tough situations (like euthanasia), as well as plenty of laughter!

In the relatively brief time that I’ve been conversing with these beautiful creatures, they have imparted some incredibly insightful knowledge. I feel almost like an ambassador for the animal kingdom, and as such, I feel compelled to share some of their wisdom. 

Love and Energy

First and foremost, our pets absolutely LOVE their humans. This is the energy that shines forth during our conversations, as well as the unconditional love you, no doubt, feel when interacting with your pet. Here’s what they’ve said:

“I love you, I extremely love you! And when I’m barking to you, it’s this little bit of a barky-whine kind of thing, I’m trying to tell you I love you! It’s difficult to say it in the words you understand but that is my words to say it to you.” Sage, female white Shephard, age 3 

Animals understand energy – they exude it, they sense it, and they communicate with it. Love is just one of the energies they understand:

Each emotion that a human has has a specific energy signature to it, and it gives off a certain frequency and a certain glow that we recognize and we understand. If you are fearful or you are sad, it has a different color, it has a different feel, it has a different look. And we understand when to approach and when not to approach based on this energy.” Sully, male Labradoodle, age 4

There are many things that I see that you cannot see. We see the energies. We see it in its form. It doesn’t take a form of a physical being, but it is there. It is not harmful, it is not scary. It’s just we sense it, we know it and we speak to it.” Shadow, male American Eskimo mix, age 10


They are surprised and excited when presented with the opportunity to communicate with their humans through channeling:

It’s rather interesting. I hear a voice but it isn’t what I normally hear. It’s….quite different. It is rather strange but it’s quite enjoyable. It’s much different than what I’m used to, and I thank you for that. I do love being here with you, in this way. It is quite interesting, and it is most enjoyable that I am able to provide this information. I thank you for allowing me to do this.”  Sully, male Labradoodle age 4

“It’s quite different. I want to bark but it’s not coming out as a bark….it’s something that I haven’t heard before. It is fun, it’s intriguing, because I’m not quite sure what’s happening. It’s different, because ….sounds are different. They’re extremely different. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak to you like this.” Roxie, female Morkipoo, age 1

“I’m used to speaking in my own language and having my needs taken care of, but to speak through someone else is quite interesting. You’ll be able to understand me closer now, now that I’ve been able to speak with you. I’m thankful that I was able to do this. It was quite interesting.” Griffin, male Irish Terrier, age 8


With regard to their purpose, our pets come in with a mission. They explain that they don’t necessarily “select” or plan their incarnations on earth, however:

It’s not so much a selection…it’s just an assignment. We understand that we will enter into this animal or that animal.” Griffin, male Irish Terrier, age 8


“All animals that are brought into the human family, into the human circle, it doesn’t matter whether it is a dog or a cat, or a bird or a fish, they all have the unique energy of love that they provide, as well as entertainment, but that is just part of what we are. We are there to provide that entertainment. The love, the joy, the laughter, the fun, and the excitement.” Sully, male Labradoodle age 4


Like humans, animals reincarnate once their earthly lifespan has passed and they’ve completed their assignment. I’ve spoken to dogs who’ve had previous lives as a fish, wolf, horse, moose, and bobcat. Here is how they describe the reincarnation process: 

So, think of it as, we’re all in waiting, this one energetic group and we’re all waiting for that particular assignment. And we’re not sure where we’re going to be assigned or what we’re going to be assigned. So, at the time that we’re assigned, then we know whether it’s going to be a dog or a horse or a fish or some other large animal or small animal

(Are you excited as you’re waiting for your assignment?) Not so much in that area, no. But once we’re assigned, once we know that we are going to be given to a family or brought to the planet as a particular animal, that’s when we are a bit excited!” Roxie, female Morkipoo, age 1

Unlike most humans, animals are not necessarily born into their “forever” family:

Understand that when animals come into existence here, they are an energetic being, as well. They are placed into their body, and it is not determined the family that they are with at that particular point. But at a particular point they are then turned over to the appropriate family that they are destined to be with. It is not like the humans where they are placed into a family directly and that is the family they are associated with. It is almost as if we are waiting for the appropriate family to be ready for us to be accepted into.” Sage, female white Shephard, age 3 

To understand how we’re assigned to a particular family, you have to understand what you as a family have done. You have put out into your Universe that you wish to have a dog. And at that point, everything begins to align, and we get the assignment. And once we know we’re going to be assigned to that particular family, it’s just a matter of time before this little dog is born. And then we are brought to you.” Roxie, female Morkipoo, age 1

Although it’s not always possible, our pets seem to enjoy having companions:

It’s always fun to have additional animals in the house. It really is! It’s exciting when there’s another animal, because each animal has a different energy, and when that energy comes in, it all comes together as one. And it’s a really wonderful thing! But, I’m just fine without. We all understand when we’re given an assignment that we may be the only one. And that is just fine.” Roxie, female Morkipoo, age 1

Pain and Death

Many animals come to their humans after having been rescued, often from very traumatic situations. Other pets might suffer from illness or disease or perhaps are nearing the end of life. Although we never want to see an animal in pain, I’ve learned that animals have a different perspective regarding pain and suffering than humans do. Here’s what they’ve said:

All animals, when they are in pain, they connect to it differently. They express it differently. So it may be that you think that we are in pain as when we are whimpering or lying about or limping, but you must understand that because we are at a much higher vibrational level, the pain doesn’t exist in a physical manner. It is just expressed in a visual manner.” Phoenix, male cocker spaniel, age 13

Many of us have had a past, and many of us have had things that are not pleasant. But those are things in the past, and we, once we are accepted into a home that is of a loving nature, the energy is so much different. There is no need to think about it anymore! No need to think about the things that have happened in the past, because it is what we have here in front of us…what our future is. We don’t languish in the past, we stay in the present and look forward to the future.” Shadow, male American Eskimo mix, age 10

We can probably all relate to the pain and grief we experience upon the death of a beloved pet. Not surprisingly, our animal friends have a lot to say about the process of transitioning:

I do wish to be with you as long as I possibly can. I don’t want to leave your place. But I know in time I will have to. And when I do, and when that time comes, I’ll be with you after I leave. You’ll sense me. Our bond is extremely strong. But once I move on, I’ll be in a much better place.” Griffin, male Irish Terrier, age 8

 We all understand that our time here is limited and we have to do as much as we can while we’re here. It is on a much quicker timeline and scale of time than the humans are here, but we understand what our mission is and what we have to do while we are here.” Sully, male Labradoodle, age 4

The love between a pet and its owner knows no bounds. Each pet is a unique and special gift, regardless of the form it takes, and each is on a special mission of love and connection. It’s been an honor to give them a voice!

Dr. Allison Brown is an author, Reiki Master Teacher and Quantum Healer residing just outside of Charleston, SC. Learn more about Allison on her website:  https://drallisonbrown.com/   To schedule a pet channeling or to view Allison and Will’s other offerings, please visit https://palmandlotus.com/ 

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