Radical Acceptance The Dance Of The Dark And The Light

Radical Acceptance – The Dance of the Dark and the Light

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Christina Lavers is a BQH practitioner, located in Upper Orara, NSW, Australia. Christina is devoted to assisting people find and connect with their own creative magical current that flows deep within. “As more of us learn to live our life in alignment with our hearts, the more love will be flowing around the planet. Our world urgently needs more love!”

If I had to pick one message that came through consistently in sessions it would be about the power of acceptance. In the expanded state of consciousness clients consistently express that the key to living their best life isn’t through pushing or forcing, rather it is through allowing and accepting. I’d like to share two interesting ways this same message has come through.

In one session the client was observing a tribal group of people who lived in a tropical paradise. She was awed, and moved to tears, by their profound joy and connection to their environment. When I asked her what the secret to their happiness was, she answered that it was because they were able to accept life as it was; they didn’t feel a need to try and influence, control or change things. They understood the impermanence of experience and were able to just allow life to flow and unfold naturally. They didn’t perceive themselves as separate or above all that was around them. 

This similar theme was also strongly expressed in another client’s session. Her intention was to experience the wholeness of her being and face her darkness. She found herself immediately experiencing a state that she described as infinitely expansive. She felt whole and free.

Describing a wellspring of forms flowing, it was the point of creation or the ground of all being, she called it. There was a sense of deep peace that pervaded the experience. There were dark and light forms that emerged in a beautiful, fluid dance. She noticed when she focused on the dark aspects of the dance she felt fear because of her judgement about the dark. She observed how her judgement energized the dark forms; her fear solidified them. The more she focused on them with concern, the more they grew. She watched her fear turn molehills into mountains.  The dark forms and her fear fed off each other.

But in this expanded hypnotic state she was able to see when she was able to let go and not attach, not try to control or influence the flow of creation, the darkness returned to being just part of the beauty of the whole. When she moved into a state of allowing and acceptance, she was able to flow with the point of creation, the point of infinite expansion.

She could see without the labels and judgement (dark/light, good/bad) it was all just the same stuff, the same energy, dancing in the most harmonious flow of perfection; the light and dark just unfolding in a gentle divine cascade.

From this space she was able to see that there was actually nothing to fear. There was a sense of harmony with all. There was no separation, yet each part was whole in itself, and a part of the whole itself. There was no need to do anything or be anything, except for a part of the unfolding beauty. The less one tried to judge or influence, the more beauty flowed undistorted. No need to convince anyone, no need to be a master or martyr, no need to play any role at all. All she needed to do was be her most authentic self. The divine beauty is there at heart, we just need to allow it to flow.

If we could cease judging, cease wanting to cling to the light and reject the dark and learn to accept whatever enters our reality with serenity and equanimity, we would be returned to a state of grace.

This of course is challenging as our reality is so saturated with fear; so much darkness has become energized and become solid. There is so much presenting around us that our judgement tells us needs to be controlled, managed or suppressed. But what these higher aspects of ourselves are trying to remind us is that the key to lessening the darkness isn’t to fight it, it is to accept it, not with apathy or indifference, but with the fullness of our hearts. We need to go deeper, to find the fear, the wound that lies beneath, and LOVE that part back to its natural flowing (non-dense) nature.

As the energies continue to intensify, I suspect we are going to see more contrast between the light and the dark. I feel this is likely why this message is coming through in so many ways… the next little while it will become more important than ever not to get caught up in the drama, or energetically dragged down by any old suppressed darkness that comes to the surface. The more we are able to maintain a space of expansive love without judgement the smoother this journey of returning to a state of grace will be.

Christina Lavers 

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