Like A Neutral Bridge Over Troubled Water

Like A Neutral Bridge Over Troubled Water

Consciousness Explorations

By Tina Marie Bueno 

I get why you might be feeling a bit off kilter when your nightly dreams, meditational journeys and visions offer glimpses of a Shangrila; but then you see the world in front of you. You deeply desire that New Earth reality – that Heaven on Earth frequency to be right here, right now.  That longing generates a gap between “what is” and the “New Earth that is.”

Some may feel like that disparity is just small enough to jump across. Yet there are many others who feel that distance is an abyss. All is closer than you think and truth be told, it’s already here, right now. Even better, you’re already moving toward the elevated Earth version via an energetic bridge. The bridge’s length and the velocity at which you’re traversing depends on your frequency though. How can you boost that frequency, your light quotient? By being neutral while experiencing slower, denser emotions.

Barrier Buster

Lightening your vibe means going destructive emotions ‘commando’. Nothing unpacks your unsupportive emotions gone wild, faster than being able to hang out in the neutral zone. Oh, sure you’ve passed through the rigors of forgiveness, “Ho’oponoponoed” that which needed healing, and even honored all purposes. But it takes genuine effort to take up permanent residence in the zero-point state of neutrality.

To be clear, this is NOT about suppressing dense feelings nor ignoring them. On the contrary. It IS about eliminating that non-serving habit of judging and labeling them while in their experience. Being neutral offers epic making transformation.

In a recent/first message from the KAHAN…
Stepping into your neutrality regarding emotionally stimulated situations both internally and externally, assists you in allowing more of your light to fully permeate your beingness.

Just How Neutral Are You?

Perhaps you’re mastering “external” triggers such as watching/reading opposing media, politics, religion, etc. Maybe you’ve even become adept at walking away from toxic situations/people with genuine peace in your heart. Kudos to you. But if not, please swim through those em-oceans even if you’re tired of going against the current using neutrality as your lifesaver.

And what about those “internal” stimuli? You know, those auto self-judgment responses to your participation in old stories which still solicit guilt, shame, embarrassment, sadness…or even current ongoing scenarios that perpetuate frustration and irritation? Are they wreaking havoc on your ability to be neutral?


What’s Neutrality Got To Do With It?

Be a full on neutral observer, so then your missions of love light and passion automatically fills your conscious awareness as there is absolutely no resistance when in a state of neutrality. the KAHAN

I see two magical words from the KAHAN: No resistance. I mean, yeah, the rest are awesome too. Just those two feel really profound.

Why? Because you’ve been enveloped by many lifetimes in duality. So much so that you’ve forgotten how to be in the world, but not of it. You’ve played academy award winning roles here. Albeit, the amnesia component really helped you rock these parts.

But you’re leaving the 3D/4D duality reality and the whole New Earth holotrix is, well…very different to what you’re used to. Neutralizing emotional buttons uninstalls your old programs while entraining your frequency to align with the new. Which, by the way, operates without duality and judgment…hence why this is so important. Simply put, everyone’s unique perspective is absolutely treasured!

Help yourself see through the fog of beliefs and judgments so that next step in front of you on the neutral bridge you’re crossing, comes into full view.

Yes or No?

Let me ask this…when you wake up in the morning, what do you feel? Do you have a happy, peaceful demeanor for no reason at all? If your answer to that is anything other than “Yes!” then neutrality is trying to make its way into your conscious awareness.

What does that look like? Well, if you’re like most light bearers, you’re awake, healing and transmuting density – be it physically or otherwise. Yet, if you’re finding uncomfortable déjà vu’s, it’s not a glitch in the Matrix; you’re being asked to select Y or N to a neutrality upgrade.

This is the gift of our experiences that we offer. Even as you hear this,
the belief that ‘we are humans which includes active emotions’ comes
into your thoughts. We say ‘yes’ and it is your time to be as neutral
as you can, then go even further beyond what you believe is ‘humanly’
possible. Practice neutrality daily. You will truly feel/know what the
‘unconditional’ of unconditional love authentically is.
 This expedites your remembering. —
the KAHAN 


I know, I know, you’re human and it’s incredibly easy to get distrac…Hey look, it’s a squirrel!

So below are a few helpful ways to stay focused on being Neutral. Remember, it’s not about avoiding or suppressing emotions; but rather neutralizing your response to the power you’ve given them.

These focus on both internal and external activators. I know it may be asking a lot here…how about for a couple of days, also try staying neutral toward even positive feelings as you do these exercises? I only suggest it so you genuinely experience what being in the zero-point neutral state feels like and so you feel neutral strong when it counts.

Look at your whole naked body in the mirror every day for 5 minutes. Stay focused. Stay neutral.

Re-tell a challenging encounter, news story or past experience without using ANY adjectives, opinions or biases in your description. Stick to the facts only please. Stay neutral.

(While adjectives are descriptive words, in general they are often infused with your highly charged beliefs and judgments.)

Give yourself permission to not react in the moment and instead go into observing (both self and others) mode while fully experiencing emotions. Again, without labeling any of it as good/bad/fun/sad, etc. Let yourself shift into a state of neutrality without any resistance.

When you’ve got those down, THEN let all of those fun loving emotions flow! Periodically check in and strengthen your neutrality. Just stay awake and conscious.

Lastly, remember not to give yourself a hard time for slipping in and out of neutrality. Kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it? 🙂

I’ll leave you with these final words from the KAHAN…

 “Neutrality is the breeding ground for pure Source love and nothing else.”

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Tina Marie Bueno is an Intuitive Guide, Channel & Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner whose sole/soul purpose is to help you remember and reconnect to your Source-Self within. As a Next Level Catalyst, she is dedicated to entraining your internal frequency in a way that inspires love-charged choices to align with the abundant, happy and healthy REALity that is available for you to experience.



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