Was That An Actual Past Life

Was That an ‘Actual’ Past Life?

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The following questions were posed on the QuantumHealers.com Support Forum, a private community for Energy Practitioners and answered by Candace Craw-Goldman

Q: (paraphrased) “What actually are we witnessing or experiencing in a Beyond Quantum Healing or other Quantum Healing type session? Are we really communicating with the Spirit World? Are we really viewing or experiencing ‘actual’ past lives?”

A:  I am not sure you can definitively answer these questions and apply them across the board to absolutely every single person’s session. Some are, yes, actual spiritual world communications. Some are, yes, actual past lives. Many items experienced during the course of a session are meant to be energetic and symbolic but this does not mean that they are less authentic or less powerful in their healing or knowledge potential.

Dolores Cannon would have asked – “Does it matter?”

At first when Dolores began this work it was ‘past lives’ and history that she wanted to validate. So, she researched names, dates, historically provable facts to prove actual validity for a while but…. then later came to the conclusion it didn’t matter one way or another.

Proving wasn’t the important thing in the end and it has been my observation that too much focus on the concept of ‘proof’ can throw a wrench in the whole works.

The goal of quantum healing for Dolores in her later years, and for me in teaching and offering BQH and supporting all Quantum Healers, is to simply help us all live better lives. Healthier, more peaceful and more balanced human lives.

In my humble opinion, applying too much effort analyzing and trying to label and prove everything and reduce experiences down to ‘immovable’ facts just deadens the magic and diminishes the wisdom discovered and the healing qualities available in quantum healing explorations.

Yes, we do absolutely want to know more about how things work.

Yes, we would like to gain broader understandings of the nature of reality.

But we have to mature to do this, both as individuals (client and practitioner) and as the collective known as humanity. I am not so sure just how mature we are at the moment but I know we’re heading in the right direction.

I think we are in a growth phase, a transition phase right now in 2020… a big one and one that affects the entire world, the entire human collective and we may be able to answer these questions more accurately in the coming years.

Candace Craw-Goldman

Founder of QuantumHealers.com and Beyond Quantum Healing


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