“The Meaning of This” Coronavirus

“The Meaning of This” Coronavirus

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For all those wondering what “the meaning of this” Coronavirus is, I would like to share with you what I see from my perspective.

Article by RJ

I have been granted the gift of being able to see things from higher dimensions. Many of you are getting beautiful glimpses of the big picture, too, as seen from various higher dimensions, through such means as channeling, deep-trance meditation, and hypnosis. And many of you just instinctively know that there is a larger meaning to the pandemic.

But I have yet to read a full and clear account of what Coronavirus is, and how it specifically relates to the 3D Earth to 5D Gaia transition, from the perspective of dimensions higher than 5D or 7D. So here it is; to the best of my ability to describe my overall vision of what is as seen from other dimensions, in English, keeping in mind that employing any human language is, by nature, a reductionist act.

Coronavirus is a call to those incarnated souls presently maintaining their high-vibrational consciousnesses in 3D, to bring them into 5D.

It is the second of *many* calls which are to come (the first call was the Australian wildfires), all of which will be opportunities for any high-vibrational human to ascend to 5D Gaia, if they are ready and guided to, and have for whatever reason not yet done so.

The 5D Gaia Matrix is complete and waiting to be populated. It can be visualized as an improved-upon, unpolluted copy of the planet Earth, just slightly bigger than Earth, hovering above/around it, kind of like an etheric shell, although as one raises one’s vibration, one realizes that it’s not actually etheric at all; it’s quite real, and it is just a matter of stepping into this new reality. Imagine a sphere within a sphere. That is what our now bi-dimensional planet looks like. 3D Earth is (finally!) fully encapsulated by the 5D Gaia Matrix.

At this present time, it is possible to be on one planet, yet in two different dimensions, or both dimensions at once.
 Because our one planet is now in two dimensions at once!

This is not an everyday occurrence, to put it very mildly. It is *extraordinary,* and to have an incarnation on Earth/Gaia at this time is a privilege, a blessing, and a great honor.

Many of you were chosen amongst hundreds or thousands of your Light/star families to have an incarnation, and you are here representing your family, people, star race, soul group, and/or dimension. On behalf of the rest of us who are working together in this co-creation of 5D Gaia: thank you. Thank you for bringing the Light, wisdom, grace, and knowledge of your races to Earth and Her people at this time. It is all of us, working together, who will co-create the 5D space which will be known throughout the Universe for eons to come, as “Gaia.”

Never before has such an amalgam of Lights, souls, spirits or star beings (many terms for the same thing) come together in one place to work on one project. It is a wonder to behold from above, and Source/Universe/the Godhead him/her/itself rejoices. For so many disparate and diverse Lights to even find ways to communicate amongst each other is in itself a feat. And yet, Here We Are. Right here, right now, in March of 2020, we are all doing it.

And we are not only communicating, we are co-creating what 5D Gaia is. Every reality in which souls evolve is an agreed-upon, co-creation of consciousnesses. Envision what your ideal 5D version of Earth looks like, and you will find others who envision the same thing. And then when you are ready, you will choose to live in that 5D reality, instead of 3D Earth.

Nothing will keep you grounded in 3D as well as a lack of imagination. Imagine that! Why is imagination so important? Because you cannot begin to start living in a space which you have not yet conceived of. If you have not yet allowed your mind to wander freely and picture what 5D Gaia would ideally look like/be like, for you – please do so sometime. Set aside a half-hour or so to immerse yourself completely in your vision.

Something magical will then likely happen. You will realize, to your great astonishment, that others are already living in the space which you have imagined! Why? Because what you are likely to imagine will share uncanny similarities with what other people imagined as 5D Gaia during their meditations, dream states, or altered-consciousness experiences.

They are the first trickle of Wayshowers. They decided to stay in the fifth dimension so that you know you can too, as you are guided, and if you so choose. You can then be the Wayshowers for hundreds or more souls who will follow your lead.

Coronavirus is a wave over 3D Earth to make it a little bit less comfortable a dimension to exist in. There will be many more waves to come. (Earthquakes, tsunamis and pole shifts, oh my!) As many as needed for 5D Gaia to be populated with the number of souls She would like.

All of these waves will be calls to ascend to 5D, for those who hear them. 3D Earth is going to be a rather difficult place to exist in the coming years. It will get harder and harder, because Earth needs to shed her 3D inhabitants. She cannot carry them with her to 5D. Their vibrations are not aligned with the 5D space She is now becoming, and will hold, for soul evolution. So 3D vibrational souls must be shed.

What will happen to the souls who have been evolving on Earth in 3D, and who are not yet ready for 5D? They will be given a choice of many different places to continue their evolution. There are countless other planets and spaces which exist in the third dimension. They will have many places to choose from, and when they have completed their 3D work, they may well decide, at a future time, to take a spin by 5D Gaia for an incarnation or three, to see how She turned out.

There will be many more invitational waves to 5D Gaia, if you decide that now is not the right time to focus your consciousness into 5D. Nothing and no one will be rushed, nor needs to rush themselves. The ascension of this planet and those upon Her surface is happening on Divine Time, and that timing is perfect.

One last note, if I may: some of you are channeling Ascended Masters and Light beings of incredible wisdom. If you are in the vibrational space of connecting with Ascended Masters and these Light beings, it is because you yourself have achieved that level of self-mastery.  Do not hesitate to start speaking in your *own* voice. Now is the time to step into your role, if you have been hesitating, as you are greatly needed. You are more than just a channel. You are also a source of wisdom. Sometimes, the most difficult thing is accepting, “owning,” the fullness of who we are. There are some who have achieved Ascended Master status in this lifetime and are now walking among us. 

You know well who you are. Own it, please, wise ones.
Humanity needs you at this time.

Youtube: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FuYTgV1mpxs&feature=youtu.be 


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