Introducing Quantum Realms

Introducing: Quantum Realms

Consciousness Explorations

By Candace Craw-Goldman

Four years ago, I found myself really missing my teacher, Dolores Cannon.  By 2018 she had been gone from this world for just about four years and I remember sighing and thinking of how unique and special she was, and thinking, as I often did and do, how her work really changed the spiritual world. There really was no one like her. Wise, practical, kind in a grandmotherly way, she had a terrific sense of humor that would effortlessly show itself in funny measured quips. “Someone ought to create a day that celebrates Dolores Cannon,” I thought. To remember not only her and her work, but to highlight her work that continues to inspire others to explore human consciousness in ever new and marvelous ways.

I remember laughing, imagining my guides poking me in the ribs. “Well, what’s stopping you?” I grinned at the idea. I felt as if I were her biggest fan. Why not? And why not use her birthday, April 15? With a day so often associated with United States and the dreaded Tax Day, that particular day of the year could use a positive boost. 

In 2018, the Community held the very first “Worldwide Regression Day” on Dolores Cannon’s birthday. It was such a hit, in 2019 we made a week of it and Worldwide Regression Day became Worldwide Regression Week. we hosted a full week of dozens of interviews, videos, activities and articles celebrating the work that Dolores helped create. A wonderful yearly tradition had begun. 

The celebrations have been amazing, featuring well known speakers and teachers, and also making room to hear from the very newest of healers in our Community.  And while the content was great, the the word ‘regression’ in the title “Worldwide Regression Week,” was never quite right. It was the most easily recognized word to use at the time that made any sense, so we rolled with it.

Long into 2020 and especially now in the first quarter of 2021, it is easy to state the obvious, the world is just not the same. Spiritually, physically, economically, emotionally…nothing, really, is the same. 2021 is just stunningly different than any other year in our collective lives so it seemed timely and appropriate to make a name change for this year’s event. 

Introducing Quantum Realms 2021! The 4th Annual event brought to you by will be coming the week of April 11th. Stay tuned!

Candace Craw-Goldman Founder

Creator of Beyond Quantum Healing 

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