The Key To Healing Is Compassion

The Key to Healing is Compassion

Consciousness Explorations

By Sonya Wilder 

I have lately been experiencing tests of the soul. My clients have also been experiencing these soul tests and since we all reflect each other, we will attract our exact mirrors when we need to. As I observe and witness old emotions, old programs, old cellular debris, I am guided by my Higher Self, my Spirit Guides, my High Council, to practice constant Divine observation.

My Divine Council are Sananda and the High Council of 12. Sananda is the higher self of Yeshua, otherwise known as Jesus. They have been guiding me more deeply into my heart center.

They communicate with me through Light Language, and lately it has been streaming more continuously. The High Council, who feel much higher vibrationally now than before, is more powerful, brighter and lighter as their Light is penetrating into my field. It could be that I am in higher vibrations, so I’m experiencing more of their Light. 

When I experience this Light energy, I hear this vibration. It’s challenging to describe in human words, because it transcends language. The sounds I hear have feeling, tone, resonance. The feeling is simultaneously light, with depth, like the most relaxing feeling, with total joy and optimism, and an understanding that comes from the depth of my physical heart and radiates outward. Then the Knowing feeling comes through, and such immense Joy, that tears just naturally flow out, along with laughter. I Love laughing tears. 

Then I hear and feel Light Language coming through. It’s all at once feeling, knowing, hearing and sensing in vibration. I hear musical tones from high above my crown, sometimes accompanied by words. Sometimes the words are English, sometimes in words that my brain doesn’t know, but my heart does, because they feel familiar. Sometimes when the English words come through, that almost feel stranger than the so-called foreign words. When the words come down from above, there’s also the tones that sound almost like choral music. I usually know those tones to be either Angelic or from the Mary Trinity. I feel Mother Mary as the first, or front energy, as her name comes out, with other Mary names behind her, as a golden and rose frequency comes through. I can distinguish the slight difference between the Angelic tones, and the Mary tones from feeling them. The feelings always bring my Soul into the Now Moment, where such Peace is. And then, the feeling of great Compassion flows, the tones bring such a sensation of understanding, and patience. Then the word Compassion will come through, in English. 

In this current moment, Compassion is the message. Compassion for the ego, for it forgets that it doesn’t need to protect the Soul anymore. The ego remembers the past and loops that energy of defense. The Soul experiences the energy of asleep, forgetting, being stuck, and is at the mercy of the looping ego. Compassion for experiencing being a human in 3D. For choosing on a higher level to descend into the depths of darkness, to experience, so we can learn more about Self, and experience becoming Lighter. 

Compassion for those that hold fear, a low frequency that holds them back. Compassion is the tool needed to help them to release and rise. Compassion guides us into higher states of Love, as we flow gracefully into an era of Love. 

The biggest test in compassion for me is with the family members that are so comfortable with the old vibration, that they refuse to shift, and defend the narrative. I must continue to observe my ego, choose compassion for them, and move on. I know they’re working through their programming and will arrive in Self Love when they’re ready. I Trust Source. 

I see this challenge with many Light Workers. It’s actually a positive challenge, because we then must reflect on how we actually judge our Self. The more we observe our own self judgement, practice compassion for Self, the more we grow, and gracefully move into living through our Heart. 

This is the great message Ascended Masters share with all of us. This is the way to Self Mastery, of Self Love. And Now is the moment to shift, as we flow through December’s Eclipse Season and the Solstice portal. This is an exciting moment for us all. 

I Love You

I Appreciate You….Sonya

Healing Through The Heart

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