Crystals And Bqh Sessions

Crystals and BQH Sessions

Metaphysical Musings

By Christina Lavers

During a meditation several years ago, a simple vision unfolded in my mind’s eye. I saw aspects of higher consciousness seeding the planet with hidden pockets of high frequency information. Solidified into the physical, these energy pockets manifested as beautiful crystalline forms that waited patiently to remind us of the sacred, forgotten knowledge of our souls. Because of the high frequency, mystical nature of crystals, for me there is a beautiful affinity between them and BQH consciousness exploration sessions.

In the expanded state, working with crystals seems to be a very natural phenomenon. One client in her session headed straight to what she called the Temple of Restoration. This was a glorious crystalline structure that shimmered against the expansive landscape.  Inside, the floor was entirely made from clear quartz. At the center was a diamond flame that refracted rainbows. After being purified by the dancing flame, the client was guided by the guardian being of the temple toward a smooth sunken area in the floor. As she lay down, she felt herself melt into a deeply healing and revitalising state. Another client met his soul family, and after a joyful reunion, he followed them down through tunnels in the ground until they arrived at a crystalline structure that looked like a huge honeycomb. He explained that upon seeing the structure he remembered that each of them had their own crystal pod that was perfectly attuned to them; he knew immediately which one was his. Lying inside his pod he felt a complete regeneration occurring. In another session a client went on a soul retrieval mission where crystals represented aspects of himself that he had buried on different planets throughout his soul journey. As he collected each piece, he was able to remember why he had hidden it and why he was now ready to reintegrate the buried part. In other sessions individual crystals transmit information to the clients or represent a specific tool.

Many aspects of what we experience in the quantum field are not accessible from the physical realm, which is why BQH sessions are so valuable. But crystals, which are like tangible glimpses from the higher realms, can be accessed here in physical reality. Because of this I feel they are great allies to support BQH sessions.

As a practitioner I usually choose high vibrational crystals to work with; ones that encourage third-eye activations, enhance inner vision and help us connect to higher realms and beings. Some of my favourites include: Lapis lazuli, moldavite, Herkimer diamonds, phenacite, and Lemurian quartz. I also like to have crystals that encourage heart chakra activation, deeply aligning the client with the loving energies that inform BQH sessions. For this purpose, my favourite crystals are kunzite, sugelite, morganite, and danburite. I will have a combination of crystals that I select based on the clients’ intention, on or near me during sessions. Depending on what is occurring, I will choose different ones to hold or to focus on as the session unfolds.

I also encourage clients, if they feel drawn, to have their own crystals with them during the session. Fortunately, there are many awesome crystals that are very easy to find and afford.  Stones like clear quartz, selenite, amethyst, and rose quartz are very accessible and offer wonderful support in this style of work.

In terms of protective stones, I don’t feel they are necessary as sessions are extremely high frequency experiences that are not accessible to manipulation by lower entities or energy. However, if a protective crystal, like black Tourmaline, helps a person to feel safer and more relaxed, then by all means include it.

Finally, grounding stones can be a great part of after session care. Smoky quartz is probably my favourite crystal of all for this. Holding and playing with a piece of smoky can be a great way to settle back into physical awareness.

Because BQH encourages the mixing of modalities, crystals may be an integral part of any session purely at the desire of the client and practitioner so don’t hesitate to explore crystals; have fun, be creative, and let the crystals guide you in support of your clients’ journey.

Christina Lavers is a BQH practitioner, located in Upper Orara, NSW, Australia. She is devoted to assisting people to find and connect with their own creative magical current that flows deep within. “As more of us learn to live our life in alignment with our hearts, the more love will be flowing around the planet. Our world urgently needs more love!”

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