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Yes, Chickens can Fly (and so can you!)

Metaphysical Musings

By Candace Craw-Goldman 

It’s true, they can. They are not very graceful, and their range is quite limited, but they can, indeed fly. Many people, especially those not accustomed to farm life or country living, tend to find that fact surprising. Humans have domesticated these birds and our egg-laying hens of today are bigger-bodied than their ancestors, but they can still take flight.


Some free-ranging farm chickens, those with no proper coop, or ones separated or locked out from their shelter come nightfall, will likely find something tall, preferably a tree in which to roost come nightfall. That is, if the branches are low enough to reach.

In the mornings, chickens tend to tumble down ungainly from wherever they perched overnight and flap their wings to stretch and wake up. They may open their wings during the day to run away from any perceived danger, or toward any tasty wiggly worm or treat handout but mostly they are content to remain firmly on the ground and don’t think about flying much at all.

Or do they?

Those who keep chickens soon learn there is an easy way to keep your birds under control, in their pen and have them forget all about actually taking to wing at all. Maybe forever. You see, all you have to do is start when they are very young, when their mature flight feathers appear from underneath their yellow new-born fuzz.

You just cut those suckers right off. (Poultry shears work best). A bird’s feather is like our own hair, an extension of our body but one that has no pain receptors, so they barely notice the snip. But it changes their lives instantly.

The easiest way to do this is when the young bird is sleepy. A sleepy chicken is docile and tends to not move or put up much, if any fight at all. You simply whisk them off while they are dreaming of grasshoppers or scraps of bread, clip their wing feathers and return them to their roost. Done!

With any luck, you need only to do this snip once. Even if the chicken gets the idea to fly after that, they realize, very quickly that trying to fly is futile. It just doesn’t work at all.

But feathers grow back. And within just weeks the ability to fly is back. But the birds? They forgot all about flying. They stay put nicely and simply live their chicken life as their keepers desire and do the job they have been acquired to do: Eat, poo, lay eggs, sleep and repeat. As long as they are fed and have a small space to call their own, they don’t typically put up much fuss at all.

 Every once in a while though, some rogue and independently-minded chicken, maybe while stretching her wings a little too enthusiastically or, when seeing a particularly juicy worm on the other side of the fence, might actually remember that she absolutely CAN fly! A misbehaving hen such as this, going anywhere she wants to go- as if she were actually allowed to walk or fly freely, can cause all manner of havoc on a farm. This cannot be allowed, you see. And the troublemaker must be taken care of swiftly and most certainly before the rest of the flock gets the idea that they too, can be free.

 Those hens must do their jobs. Eat, poo, lay eggs and sleep. No flying or freedom allowed. And speaking of wings…did you know? We ALL have these wings. We do. We have been told and programmed to believe we do not, but we absolutely do.


On some energetic level, in some alternate system of understanding, they ARE there. We knew this as children. We could even feel them at times. When we ran or especially when we played on our swings.

If you allow yourself to just…imagine this to be true, you might, just might, begin to feel these wings ‘physically,’ particularly near your shoulder blades. I can feel tingling there myself sometimes. I know others experiencing this, too. Please let me know in the comments if you are dreaming of your wings, feeling them or even just yearning to do so.

Freedom isn’t just a nice idea or goal. It is essential for our survival. It really is very, very simple. We MUST, as humans, be free. YOU are a unique and special being. Do not allow anyone to clip your wings…flying, and freedom, are your birthrights!

Candace Craw-Goldman

Founder of

Creator of Beyond Quantum Healing 

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