Themes Structures And Unique Unfolding

Themes, Structures and Unique Unfolding

Metaphysical Musings

By Christina Lavers

One of the things that continues to amaze me about BQH sessions is the way themes surface that connect the sessions of people who are completely unknown to one another. It is as though at different times certain trends are highlighted in the collective. Lately, with the people with whom I work with, the inner child has been a common thread, but in the last couple of weeks it was specifically the healing of internal structures that were created in response to the wounded inner child that has surfaced. I will use two recent sessions to illustrate how they can at once be completely unique and yet linked through common themes.

This first session was that of a young man who had lived with a high, extremely uncomfortable, level of anxiety since childhood. Before the session we had done some coaching and explored some of the traumatic elements of his childhood that he felt contributed to his current state. He had started some inner child work but had some powerful blocks and blind spots that were holding him back. He was highly focused on being perfect and was so disciplined that there was little to no room for playfulness or joy in his life. 

Towards the start of the BQH session the topic of his inner child came up. Being in a state where he had access to subconscious information, he explained that there was a lot of darkness around the child and identified a belief that some of the actions the child had taken had caused damage to other individuals. He could feel a strong aspect of himself who, because of these outcomes, refused to forgive his child-self. He also explained that focusing on the darkness and guilt around this child was an important driver for him to aim to be a good person in the present. 

I was concerned that this explanation sought to leave the child-self in the dark, but I have learned to trust the process. The journey took him through many layers of understanding until he eventually saw his child-self with fresh eyes. From the new expanded perspective he now had access to, he could see the innocence of the child and how much pain and suffering he had endured. He saw that the actions of the child that he had judged harshly were based on survival and were a natural response to his severe conditions. His heart opened wide and he was finally able to fully forgive his child-self. 

In a follow-up session a few weeks later it was amazing to hear about the changes he was experiencing in daily life. His obsession with discipline and perfectionism had softened. He felt that a new balance was emerging: for the first time in his adult life he had decided to allow himself to add a few treats to his meticulously clean diet, and made decisions that prioritised his own wellbeing, rather than sacrificing himself for those around him. 

The second session I mentioned revolved around the theme of childhood trauma and the resulting mental constructs, but in this case the healing was a lot more ethereal. This woman is very spiritually aware and has a powerful connection to her existence beyond the physical. She began by describing herself in a temple with some beings who felt familiar.  Though she was unable to communicate with them, she felt safe, as though she was on some level one of them. 

When she was asked to describe their appearance, she said they looked alien, but there were actually many overlapping images. The different overlays that presented ranged from completely foreign, to ones that appeared like Indian gods and goddesses, and so were recognizable to her Earthly self. She explained that she understood that these beings were responsible for what she called structural work. They were making changes at a physical and energetic level to her vessel. 

She was shown how as a child, due to stresses in her environment, her physical body was never able to properly settle. She did not receive the loving nurturing from her caretakers that would soothe her nervous system and support a state of inner peace. In response to this constant underlying unresolved state of stress, she had compensated by creating mental constructs, or patterns that offered a degree of protection from the suffering. But these mental constructs, which were developed from a wounded aspect of self, were no longer serving her and were being updated by the beings. 

While they worked diligently on her body, she found herself existing only as consciousness. She described herself as an unformed ‘blob’ of energy. She was able to see her body from above and was struck by how much she identified with her body in daily life. From this perspective, her body was clearly just a vessel, like a shell that a hermit crab might temporarily inhabit, and she expressed amusement at the level of vanity that she held in relation to her body, which from this unbound state of consciousness felt absurd. 

In a discussion a few days after the session, she told me that she felt as though her body was a vehicle that had been upgraded. It would take a little while to discover all the new features. One important upgrade that she had already discovered was that she would now feel a sensation in her spine that acted to pull her back into her heart when she felt herself being triggered into a reactive pattern. Whenever, she felt herself about to react she would feel an energy clearly pulling her back to centre. 

In both these session there was a focus on the wounded child-self and the healing of structures, or mental constructs that had evolved in response to trauma. However, while both had similar focus, the ways in which the information was conveyed and healing implemented, was completely unique in a way that made the experience relevant and valuable to the individual.

Christina Lavers is a BQH practitioner, located in Upper Orara, NSW, Australia. She is devoted to assisting people to find and connect with their own creative magical current that flows deep within. “As more of us learn to live our life in alignment with our hearts, the more love will be flowing around the planet. Our world urgently needs more love!”

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