Our Intelligent Physical Body

Our Intelligent Physical Body

Metaphysical Musings

Tina Marie Bueno is an Intuitive Guide, Channel & Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner whose sole/soul purpose is to help you remember and reconnect to your Source-Self within. As a Next Level Catalyst, she is dedicated to entraining your internal frequency in a way that inspires love-charged choices to align with the abundant, happy and healthy REALity that is available for you to experience.

 Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m feeling pretty darn proud to be our species at the moment. I can imagine a few human representatives appearing in front of a cosmic audience saying, “And now for our next act! Never performed in the history of Earth humans…we are transitioning to a higher dimension while IN our physical bodies!” Drum roll please!

For certain, many of you are already on, or in, the act of “ascending” to the New Earth timeline and you are acutely aware that this exciting feat includes donning your Earth suit, which translates into…an ongoing state of modification. This biological shift means the body is charged with transmuting any imbued slower energy into faster Light to align more easily and gracefully with the New Earth frequency. But please note that the body unequivocally requires your conscious participation. It is not a lone ranger.

If any of you still have those ‘WTH?! I healed all of that!’ moments showing up in your high vibin’ daily life, don’t fret. You’re not sliding backwards. While you most likely have already dealt with this aspect of yourself; there’s no need to let it mess with your Zen. Instead, allow yourself to take in whatever has unexpectedly burst onto the scene. 

(Inserting gentle reminder here) Your physical body can still be holding that particular cellular memory even if your mental and emotional bodies have already been through healing.

Since you are transitioning into New Earth living at a perfect pace, any blips on the radar are cause for celebration rather than pause for self-doubt. The body is simply letting you know, it is in a transmuting stage. Yay!  And this is an invitation to consciously participate which expedites the whole gig.

 What’s Going On?

If some discordant aspect makes a guest appearance in your daily movie, it means your body is diligently striving to direct your attention on this for a moment.

How do you know when this is occurring?

Maybe a sudden altercation comes out of left field, leaving you with a deer in the headlights feeling.

Or an old, uncomfortable memory (from childhood, ex-relationship, previous job or something you said/did that you can’t take back) suddenly pops into your mind for no apparent reason, yet it’s not emotionally charged anymore.

Or you unconsciously get lost in a train of negative thoughts. To name a few possibilities.

Your body is sending out smoke signals calling for your active involvement. And in particular, is requesting your transformative unconditional Love to take the lead from here on out.

Unconditional Love

Are you walking, breathing, speaking, living as unconditional Love? Or are you still dipping your toes into the pool of judgment, separation, anger, fear, hatred, self-doubt? While you don’t have to be passively accepting of the world around you; there is far more power in taking a peaceful, heart-based solutions oriented approach than one of matching density.

The above remains true on a micro level for your body. Whatever is showing up that stuns you, just imagine your brilliant body actively shedding this concentrated memory. Even if you have worked through the issues of the original experience, the body memory is embedded with that residual slower energy…think of this as a chunk of density seeking to be replaced by Light.

BE the Transformation

Give yourself (including your body) more lovin’ and gratitude for bringing this to your attention. And for no longer suppressing or holding on to energy that does not serve your journey into New Earth.

Remember, this is a one way ticket to an all inclusive resort. There’s no room for baggage. Not even a carry on!

You wouldn’t have come this far without a favorite self-healing modality or two. Just make certain that unconditional self-Love is the main ingredient.

The body cannot shift to higher frequencies if there are pockets of density lurking. The inspiring news is that the more you practice self-love, the more you BEcome it. Your body knows this easily brings you into direct alignment with your Source-self and New Earth frequency.

BTW, welcoming whatever your cells decide is time to release, falls under the purview of also loving your actual body. So the next time you’re busy transforming surfacing body memories, remind yourself to fully embrace your physical form as well. Give it some genuine love and appreciation. After all, YOU created it for this very Earth experience! 

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