How To Activate Your Telepathy

How to Activate your Telepathy

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Through personal experience, I now communicate telepathically with most humans; those I interact with in person, as well as those I do not.

The interaction is never one-sided. It’s just like a verbal conversation between two people, except it’s much quicker and more precise. 

Completed thoughts are transmitted with or without the use of language. At first, my brain translated all the thoughts into language, but now I’m used to it. The thought is just present and I understand it as a whole without the need to always translate it into words in my little brain. 

Telepathic communication occurs between our Higher Selves; that spirit/soul/light-being part of us (which we all have). This communication just happens. Instantaneously. There is no real calling forth or any special method needed. 

How to practice this: Know that everyone including you, has the ability to communicate telepathically with each other. You are already doing it though you may not be conscious of it yet. Start by becoming aware of it with those you live with or see more regularly. In my experience, communications on this level are never small talk. They are much deeper, and they have more consequences, as this will be your Higher Self and that of another person communicating. 

Generally, this level of communication is where souls agree to give each other experiences. You and your loved ones, especially family and significant other, are all communicating in regards to what lessons you wish to learn from or teach each other. All. The. Time.  

The communication gets more intense around any big life changes (births, separations, deaths, and so forth). Together, you work out exactly how it’s going to happen so that all involved get the right experience/lesson, and it’s planned so it’s never more than anyone agrees to handle. So… try negotiating with your significant other about something telepathically. If you’re in a room with him/her, just become your Higher Self and start talking to their Higher Self through intention. And don’t be surprised if the communication is just as natural as if you were speaking!  A LOT can be accomplished with the deeper communication of this level. 

Also, you can learn to communicate with others who are not in your life, but are vibrating on the same frequency as you, or lower. You can’t initiate a conversation with someone on a higher vibe, only lower, because it’s more difficult to reach vibrations that vibrate higher than your own. But those above you can reach out to you. It’s “just the way it works,” at least from what I’ve seen. 

A Higher Self protects its incarnated projection (you as the human) at all times. You cannot do any harm to another person by communicating telepathically with them on a soul-to-soul/Higher Self level!  Very much to the contrary. 

Especially when having conversations with the higher selves, and knowing perfectly well that only part— or not any— of the conversation will make its way into the consciousness of the person. 

The Higher Self will tell me what to say to a person verbally, who is yet unaware of communicating with me telepathically. Basically, the Higher Self is there to tell me how much the incarnation can handle. When you’re supposed to give people information, it’s always best to get guidance on how much to give, and how to frame the message.

Imagine the possibilities when you can have direct communication with the Higher Self you are speaking to, when a client is deep and under hypnosis. Guess what – you already do. Because ‘waking life’ is just another form of being hypnotized. 

Article by Rebecka Jain

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