Conversation With Shadow Entity

Conversation with Shadow Entity

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Julie Aurora Wray is a practitioner of many modalities, and working with her she will help you find and heal old wounds, limiting belief systems, unwelcome energies, as well as any binding contracts. She is located in Shelby, Montana, United States.

Conversation with Shadow Entity

Upon my client’s arrival, it felt like she had a very dense, nauseating energy.  As she spoke, I could hear how she loves telling her story of pain and suffering and that no one can ever help her. 

She has come for a massage twice now. On her first visit, I was having a hard time with my personal energetic protection and feeling very repulsed and overwhelmed by her aura.  I took a deep breath and shifted my perspective.  I asked myself and her subconsciously “What’s her energy wanting to tell me?”   I clairaudiently heard “yeast overgrowth”.  I could also smell that she was yeasty and she was clearly bloated. However, this shift in perspective and asking questions helped me to clear some of the energy and it allowed me to comfortably work on her body.  I admit I did not breach the subject of yeast overgrowth with her.  She had not asked me for any kind of accessory information beyond a physical therapeutic massage and I am uncomfortable with giving unsolicited metaphysical info. 

 Upon arrival for her second massage, the client still had a dense and nauseating energy about her.  I called in my guides and asked for protection and did a general banishing of dark, anti-healing energy.  I felt the essence of three entities leave the room, but could sense them waiting just outside the door.  Surprisingly, one came back in which obviously piqued my curiosity.  I decided to welcome it to take a seat and proceeded to have a conversation while doing the client’s massage. The following is what occurred:

Julie: Why have you come back in? I banished you. 

Entity: I was curious.  Also, I am not what you perceive as, “negative”, I’m just shadow.  I do no harm.

Julie: What does that mean? 

Entity: It means that although I live in the shadow and what appears to be negative, I simply exist.  I am neither harmful nor beneficial for my host.

Julie: She is your host? What does she provide?

Entity: Her pain and suffering is food for me.  I simply exist on it.  She already had/has it, I do not cause it.  It just sustains me. 

Julie: So does a therapeutic massage or any other self-care practices result in taking food away from you or harm you?   

Entity: No. The massage feels good for her in the moment, but eventually, the inflammation in her body will flare and she’ll actually feel worse.  It will also feed her beliefs that nothing can help her, so in the long run, I am satiated and well fed. 

Julie: Where do you come from? How old are you? 

Entity: As you well know, time and space are truly a human construct.  I can say that in your time container, I came to be or was spawned around 1000BC.  

(Julie: I saw images of Egypt or the Middle East as it said this.)

Julie: How many people have you been with? 

Entity: Thousands.

Julie: Where do you come from? Where in the Universe? 

Entity: Again, humans put the Universe in a container of their own making.  The Universe just IS. I just AM.  There is no “where” I am from.  I just exist.  I can say that a sword was struck on some stone in anger and fear, where this form that I have taken was “spawned” for lack of a better word. 

Julie: How did you come to be with my client? 

Entity: I was without a host and this woman was about 10 years old.  She was beaten both physically and emotionally by her grandfather. Her subsequent pain and suffering drew me to her along with the others on the other side of the door who cannot come in (due to my banishing). 

Julie: Her grandfather? Did she not have a grandmother or parents? I then got an image of a grandmother not mentally present. I sensed this was due to alcoholism.   I got no images of parents being around, but I knew that I must remain neutral as I don’t have any information to assume about her life beyond that of a terrible beating from her grandfather.

Julie: What if she gets help and finds a way to end her suffering and pain?

Entity: Then I will move on.  There are plenty of suitable hosts in your world. However, I do not believe this to be the case.  She won’t find enough relief.  I believe that she will have this until she dies, which is what I want in a host. 

Julie: What happens when she dies? 

Entity: As you know, the soul is untouchable unless there is a transaction (aka selling your soul.) Our souls are perfect, pristine, and uncorruptible unless we allow it to be through giving up our Free Will. So when she dies, her soul lifts up to Source and what’s left behind is all of her leftover and accumulated pain, suffering, guilt, fear, and anxiety.  It’s delicious and what you’d call the main course.  It’s my ultimate goal and why I choose certain hosts. 

Julie: What about those outside the door? 

Entity: I won’t talk about them.  

Julie: Why is that?

Entity: They are not for you to know about and you don’t want to call them back in.   They are not neutral.  They don’t just exist with the host as I do. They are more than s shadow and live in what you call negative energy. 

Julie: Ok. What about the light and protection I put up? 

Entity: It is very strong, which is good. I would otherwise not be able to tolerate your light if your protection was not there.

Julie: What do you mean?

Entity: These layers of protection you surround yourself with mask your light; like putting on a lampshade.  

Julie: Does my protection keep me from attracting negative energies like those outside?

Entity: Those are not the kind of entities that are attracted to light.  There are some, but they mostly prefer…

(here I got a visual of a famous person on the stage or in front of the paparazzi.   This was hard for it to explain with words, but the gist was that all the attention and drama and enormous pressure of the push and pull of being famous was a feast for dark, negative entities and those who choose to be famous do have a huge inner light that is in direct cause and effect of huge darkness.)

At this point, I felt our conversation had come to an end.  The massage was almost over, and when I left the room, I felt the others come back in and join their host.  She left with her energies.  I smudged and prayed over my room. 

I feel blessed to have experienced this interaction.  It was fascinating and empowering.  I say empowering because I would have normally felt such a presence and tried to chase it away out of fear.  Instead, I faced it and found myself newly educated and informed. 

Article by Julie Aurora Wray

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