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Breaking of the 3 Glasses

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An interesting thing happened at our farmhouse last week. We had a house full of family and I was busy preparing a special birthday dinner for our daughter. There was a lot of activity and many more people in our home than is typical. This included 4 grandchildren, ages 15 months to 10 years old.

Our kitchen is anything but large, and the counters were filled to overflowing with all the typical things: various baked goods, drinks, groceries, food prep items, and baby needs. Earlier I had set a glass pour-over coffee filter on top of the toaster to make room for the cutting board and I simply bumped the quilted toaster cover slightly, but that was enough to send the glass holder to the floor, shattering.

All the adults began adulting, picked up glass, vacuumed stray bits and kept all the children away from the area. It was quickly cleaned up and I continued to prepare for that evening’s dinner.

The table was set, all side-dishes were ready, and the oven was turned up high. I was cooking Chilean Sea Bass in the oven and intently focused upon the timing of that. Overcooked fish is practically a crime in this house, especially for a birthday dinner. I was probably rushing a bit when I set some dishes on the sideboard, in a hurry not to neglect that fish, and my elbow caught a freshly washed wineglass, not yet put away. It too, went crashing to the floor, nearly in the same place as the first glass break.

At this point I felt a little silly and apologized to all in the house. Our daughter-in-law Jocie remarked, “We had a day not long ago that we broke three glasses in one day!” This time our son, Dylan, went downstairs for the vacuum as I picked up the larger pieces of the wine glass and Jocie kept the kids away a second time.

Jocie’s statement about the three glasses hung in the air and a few seconds later Dylan walked into the kitchen with the vacuum. “You aren’t going to believe this,” He said, “Lauren just broke another glass downstairs.”

I was still standing in the kitchen and looked towards Jocie. Where she was sitting was directly above the spot in the downstairs pantry where Lauren would have been reaching for the jar of sauce when it hit the floor.

It probably happened at the same time that Jocie made her statement.

So what is going on here? Well, at one level of thinking, nothing really at all. It was all a meaningless “coincidence.” I am not one that typically explains away interesting phenomena as coincidence however so I started thinking about it.

One idea that naturally comes is that by introducing the “idea” of 3 broken glasses to “the field” Jocie set into motion that reality playing out physically, simply by the introduction of the idea into the realm of possibilities. This is a pretty straightforward reason. It’s not like Lauren was suggestable to break more glass downstairs after hearing this, because she wasn’t upstairs for the first and the second glass breaking, and the statement either!

Another thought is that Jocie was psychically picking up the idea of “Coming up next, another 3 glass breakage day!” And had the great timing of talking about it before knowing that number three was about to happen.

Beyond all of that talk, I actually started to ponder some deeper concepts about glass and breaking glass. It’s not the first time I have had interesting things happen just after, or just before glass breaking. Is it the sound? Does some sort of shift happen in the fabric of reality when that particular substance breaks? Are mini portals created? Does it shift us to adjacent timelines? I actually wrote about glass breakage and timelines a number of years ago, in this article written for

Who knows?

I did start to think about the crystalline nature of glass and the long held scientific  “rumor” that glass is actually a liquid and not a solid. Was it really as interesting in some of its properties as water could be? Was any of that connected to these events?  I decided to spend a few minutes looking into that concept. And here is what I discovered: Glass isn’t actually a liquid, but it isn’t a solid either. Glasses, though more organized than liquids, do not attain the rigid order of crystals, that are indeed solid. It exists in what is termed an amorphous solid state, somewhere in between those two states of matter.

Hmmm. Between two states. Maybe between two timelines as well? Its fun to think about anyway. The 2016 article I reference above, I do mention how often items appear, re-appear or disappear altogether from this house and that situation certainly has not changed. Do you have any similar experiences with 3 breaking glasses or timeline shifts with the breaking of glass? I bet there are some great stories out there. I’d love to hear them!

**editors note: while prepping this post for publishing, a picture frame fell off the wall and shattered glass all over the room. wild.

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