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Oh, the Irony

Alternative Healing

Deep into the creation of my newest Course, Quantum Self Healing, I found myself dealing with a very disruptive head cold. I haven’t been ill in years and actually have been pretty consistent in my own self-care! I have been eating well, exercising. So, what’s the deal?

I decided to sit down with my “Healing Team” guides and ask. To be honest I already felt the energy of the answers before even asking, but the clarity that came forth was comforting and helpful and parts of the more general information I received I thought could be helpful to others, too. Especially since right now I know of multiple alternative and energy healers dealing with or recovering from some similar cold or respiratory illness.

Before I share some of the A’s to the Q’s I want to briefly note how utterly disconcerting it has always been to me both as a person and a healer, to experience or to witness healers, even effective and well-known healers, deal with illness or other physical challenges. Of course we are still human. Of course, we still live in our own physical bodies and have our own stuff with which to deal. But I remember when I first really started to learn about reiki and other types of energy healing – all the way back in the 1990’s! I was enamored with this magical notion of learning how to just heal people, animals, things and selves with energy! Just like that! I actually had the thought that these healers must be the healthiest people on the planet and have little to no need of any conventional doctors or medicines.

I quickly understood, of course, that is not exactly the way “healing” worked. At all. And to be very clear, I absolutely still very much believe in the reality of instant and spontaneous quantum or energy healing. I have to believe in it because I have personally seen it occur far too many times not to! But it doesn’t always happen, and the reasons for that could fill a book.

Portions of my Healing Team conversation below:

Healing Team, what say you? Have I been working too hard?

  • The answer to that question is relative. In terms of total number of hours? No, you have not worked particularly hard, or even particularly long hours. What you have not enjoyed, for a period of many years, is a full mental break from the cumulative responsibilities. Even when you are moving, and exercising, those remain underlying conscious thoughts.

I have tried and am receiving additional help with family and work responsibilities. Why have I succumbed to this annoying head cold? Is it really just a matter of clearing?

  • Yes, you have done well to arrange assistance, and that has been helpful, but most of that assistance has been provided in a physical way. Even when relieved of physical, the mental responsibilities remain. “Succumbed” is not a word we would use in this situation. You might rather consider using the word, “invited.”
  • “Clearing” is yes, an appropriate word. Another adjacent and fitting word we would add is “preparing.” Recall your fall of 2019, you experienced some extreme physical stress and challenge. Your physical body was not succumbing as much as it was ­preparing and yes, clearing for early 2020, and beyond.

Are you suggesting 2024 will be as disruptive as 2020?

  • Partially. The global energetics are…uncomfortable, to say the least. The human timeline will indeed shift. The degree of disruption and continued discomfort that will accompany that shift is yet to be determined and must play out in sequence to allow for the preparing and clearing for the new global energy that will follow.

Do you have any advice?

  • (Humorously) Take your own healing course as you create it. Do you think the timing a coincidence? This will strengthen your physical body and at minimum, ease your mental load.
  • Do not wait for the creation of any illness and accept additional healing energy at this time. Practice not only daily self-care. Practice prophylactic daily self-healing as well.

End of Conversation.

There was more detailed discussion around the personal concerns especially the “invited” over “succumbed” distinction. The conscious mind, the ego, does not wish to seem fallible nor uninvolved in decision making. Often the Higher levels of consciousness can and do override these notions of weakness, with far more wisdom, and grace.  The “invitation” of a forced rest from some mental responsibilities becomes a sort of gift when viewed in that way.

I just texted a dear healer friend, who is recovering from her own respiratory issue.” I wanted to tell you I feel a strange kind of comfort and strength knowing there are healers – and friends recovering their health at the same time as I am.”

I think it is important to really accept just how much stress the entire Collective Human Consciousness has endured – especially over these last 4 years. The Healing Team assured me so many other healers in our Community, and beyond, are holding up, leveling up and expanding and evolving anyway, even under this massive pressure.

There are brighter days ahead. Count on it.

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