Is Ego Death The Goal

Is Ego Death the Goal?

Metaphysical Musings

By Dr. Allison Brown

I’ve always wondered about this concept of ego death. Granted, our egos can get us into some sticky situations but is killing the ego our only hope? Is ego death really a requirement of enlightenment? 

As a Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) practitioner, I have the privilege of interacting with a variety of multi-dimensional Beings, and during a recent conversation with a client’s Higher Self, this topic came up. My client had asked a question about a particular characteristic of her personality, which led to a profound discussion about not only the human personality but our ego, and how these aspects relate to each other. Here are some excerpts of that discourse.   

“One’s ego is necessary as part of the human factor. It plays a role in all human existence. It must be in place. The ego plays a vital role in the interactions and the existence of the human form – teaching. Having the understanding of what comes with the ego will help navigate with it, [or] without it, but it will always be in play. But if you want to release it from a particular learning point, release it from a particular energetic connection that you have, then yes, that takes the deep inward reflection and understanding. Where do those pieces align? What does it serve? If it does not serve, then release it.” 

“As you begin the reflection process, it will bring upon the self-evident awareness of one’s ego. And if doing so releases that from that understanding for a much deeper point of clarity, then if you wish to call it “death,” that is your choice of words. But it is releasing it from that energetic connection. You have to understand, fully releasing the ego from all that you do will only happen once the transition point takes place. As you exit your body, the ego remains behind, in the physical body. As you begin to ascend back, then you can look upon it and understand why the ego was necessary.”

“But [like] the ego, the personality is just as important. Personality is a human aspect. It is what you have chosen to take on. [Where] the ego will step in for decision points, the personality is the voice for the decision. It is the interaction, the face to face with another human. Personalities, and how they affect one another…this is the human factor. This is why you have chosen to come here…to portray yourself as this human form and all of the difficulties that come with it, and all the joyous moments that come with it.” 

“What can be said [is], the personality that one takes on can be utilized in a very prudent manner. But one has to be fully aware of all of its nuances. How it can hurt. How it can heal. How it can make someone happy, how it can make someone sad. How it can disrupt a life. How it can do all things, good or bad, during a life cycle. Once you are aware of all of its aspects, then energetically, you can work from within and through the personality. Your energetic essence can come through the personality as an override but remaining within that personality.” 

“Harness what you understand about your personality. If the words are biting, if the thoughts are judgmental, understand how fast you can intercede with your energy, your essence. Your Divine Being can pierce through it. You will still hold your personality, but the words and the actions will reflect your true vibration.”

“It is this that can be the greatest tool!”

Dr. Allison Brown is a best-selling author, Reiki Master Teacher and Quantum Healer residing just outside of Charleston, SC. Learn more about Allison and her books at   To schedule a session, please visit 

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