Good And Evil Timely Advice From The Collective

Good and Evil – Timely Advice from The Collective

Metaphysical Musings

By Allison Brown

As I’ve mentioned in some of my previous articles, I happen to be married to a trance channel. On occasion, he and I will conduct a personal session when seeking clarity or guidance. During a recent session, Will brought forth several profound messages from his team of guides, who call themselves The Collective (AA Michael, AA Raphael, Source and Enoch). Due to the timing and significance of this information, I felt led to share the contents of this session more widely. 

The 45-minute audio covers three main topics that I’ll touch on in this article; however, if you’d like to listen to the full audio, you can access the link here. As an aside, if you do listen, The Collective suggests that you “listen to the words with your ears but feel the vibration with your heart and mind and soul. It is there you will find what you are looking for.”  

The first part of the channeling concerns a “knowing” that I received about a significant event that was to occur around the end of September. The Collective explained that I was sensing a quantum alignment that would take place across the globe…that would, in fact, reverberate throughout the entire universe. This event was uniquely described as a “pole shift” for each individual on the planet. For many, this change will be considered catastrophic, as it will challenge deeply held beliefs and paradigms that will need to be reconciled. 

The next piece of the audio provides an understanding of good and evil, darkness and light, as it relates to frequency and vibration. The Collective explains that our understanding of these concepts is based upon our script – the lessons and experiences we planned for ourselves prior to our incarnation. This script provides the context in which we make sense of any discordant frequency we encounter, causing us to label things as positive (good) and negative (bad). 

Lastly, The Collective gives us some tips on living as the I AM, while juggling the demands of this human existence – an encouraging boost of love and balance that will help us navigate the days ahead. 

Dr. Allison Brown is an author, Reiki Master Teacher and Quantum Healer residing just outside of Charleston, SC. Learn more about Allison on her website:   To schedule a pet channeling or to view Allison and Will’s other offerings, please visit


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