How To Spot Authenticity

How to Spot Authenticity

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Editor’s note: Donna McMurtry, Quantum Healer and author at Spiral Path Therapies, is located in Colorado Springs, United States. She’s a wonderful heart-based  Quantum healing practitioner as well as a certified Yoga instructor. 

How to Spot Authenticity

Authenticity can be disrupted by shame. People can act inauthentically—even when they are authentic—if they’re feeling shame. Especially when talking about a subject that might be considered wrong, it becomes very difficult to distinguish reactions to the shameful ‘thing’ or topic being talked about, and the shame of lying.

Generally speaking, when someone is lying to you and they know it, there’s an energy frequency (guilt? desire to hide?) that can be felt in your stomach (solar plexus) chakra. Because lying violates a social agreement program, or is generally considered “wrong.” If the person doesn’t know they’re lying, or doesn’t believe on any level it is wrong to lie—perhaps they aren’t programmed or aren’t in agreement with the social programs—the frequency might not be there, and therefore there will be no sign or feeling of this.

This is why playing lying games to try to sharpen our skills is not an accurate practice. When we’re lying as a game, we aren’t really putting out the “I’m guilty of lying and I desperately hope you don’t catch me” vibe.

Also, very small children can lie with impunity. They don’t understand the concept of lies/truth (what’s considered reality versus what they wanted reality to be) and haven’t been fully programmed that it is “wrong” to choose what they wanted reality to be. i.e. “Nope. I didn’t hit my sister. The cat hit her. Bad cat!”

In Thailand, the people consider it more respectful to tell you whatever you want to hear, than to tell you what we’d consider “truth”. They are goodhearted people who will look you straight in the eye and cheerfully say what they want to be true for you—even if it’s a big fat lie—because their social agreements are very different than ours. Some of them might have body tells, but most won’t.

By itself, body language is interesting but not that reliable. In my experience, it’s more reliable to practice feeling/reading energy too.

Article by Donna McMurtry

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