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Session Stories

Article by Mario Radinger

This recent Quantum Healing client had experienced much hardship and many challenging situations throughout her life that did not make any sense to her. She felt like “someone else was living her life” and she was just observing, powerless. Also, her cervical spine had been giving her major trouble for decades, even demanding emergency surgery at one point.

During the session, the Superconscious (SC) explained how the client had originally been one half of twins who would have been born together if the mother had not decided to get an abortion. It obviously “failed” on the girl while the brother did not get to develop. This led to a merging of the two souls in the womb, including karmic debt and soul agreements. SC: “It was not meant to be like that. But unfortunately, there was nothing we could do. She basically had to live out two life plans in one life. But we led her here today because it is now time to be free.”

They went on to explain how there had been the strain of “two heads on one body” which expressed itself in the weak neck area. We eventually talked to the brother and guided him out of the body, towards the light. I will never forget the cracking of the bones during that process and the client’s joy of relief afterward. 

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