Chicken Soup For The Soul

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Session Stories

I recently had the pleasure of facilitating an online session for a client in Germany.

Before each session, I make a crystal grid near my computer, with stones placed intentionally for the client, and to assist the energetic, as well as the technical connection. I am still relatively new to the energetic properties of each crystal, but learning a huge amount each time I do a session, as I am guided to pick each one specifically for the client. This also gives me a good idea of the things we may be focusing on in the session. I am, on occasion, astonished by just how in-tune the guidance is, and before I have even reached the room, they are stored in I can feel myself being drawn to certain stones.

For this session, there was a strong pull to using a beautiful orange carnelian heart. After I had picked the right stones, there was also an undeniable urge to pull an oracle card. I tuned into the client, their questions and intention for the session. The card that jumped out was from a deck I have called the Sacred Geometry of relationships. To my amazement, it was the second chakra or sacral chakra card, which is also that same orange color as the stone.

I knew from our pre-session talk and from the client’s questions that she had trauma from childhood, and some troubling emotions that she was unsure how to heal or why they were there. Sally, the client, had lived with her grandparents from the age of two and now was looking after her elderly grandmother. 

She was aware that her grandmother would not be around forever and was curious to explore their connection, the lessons they have had with each other, and to learn what would be beneficial for their connection before her grandmother transitioned. Sally also wanted to connect with her guides.

During the exploration part of this session, she visited a number of lives; The first one being on a planet where she was able to shape-shift not only herself into whatever she pleased but the landscape and scene around her as well. She enjoyed being the representation of a black panther and had a twin soul who also had a preference to this panther shape.

Sally became aware that she was waiting for someone who had been on earth fighting in a war for humanity, and she was very pleased when this soul returned. She felt this place was a resting place for souls after their incarnation.

The following lives we explored were all as a female; One she was thrown from a boat at sea and drowned. Another, a wise woman who lived a solitary life in the woods near a village, and finally she was a mystic medicine woman who was feared by most of the villagers but would often help the women heal their traumas and ailments. This life ended tragically as she found herself alone, having broken her leg, and somehow at the bottom of a dry well, with no food and only a little water. 

After she transitioned she went on to meet a guide, who turned out to be her Grandfather. He explained that he was sorry he could not help her in that lifetime, however, he wanted her to know that she can trust in love. All of the different kinds of love; the love in friendship, being in nature is love, and that there is no need to look for one specific love as it is all around us, at all times. He told her that she had to experience that lifetime to show her the gifts and the power that she holds within her soul.

Sally also had a totem animal and described a raccoon whom she knew well. He was representing playfulness and curiosity.

Sally then went on to say that she was getting the name, Gabriel. She stated that she had never been a fan of angels. She felt such an expression of warmth and love radiating from this energy being  that she described as “feeling all fuzzy.” I asked her guides how she could stay connected, and he said, “she is always able to stay connected with us through connecting directly with her heart.”

I went on to call in her Higher Self (HS) and asked why she was feeling these overwhelming feelings of anger and sadness in her life. The HS explained that these emotions were within her from living a life against her true nature and that she had to move forward, be herself and express herself. The emotions from the experiences and trauma in her early life were being stored inside her stomach and also around her shoulders. 

As the practitioner, I decided it might be a good idea to go into these emotions and talk directly to the consciousness of this anger and sadness.

The sadness came through first: 

“You don’t listen to me, you push me away. You don’t realize that I need to show you something, and that is how to be happy. For her to be happy she needs to be sad first, she needs to acknowledge me.”

Sally agreed to do so and acknowledged sadness. After a few minutes, she released a huge sigh of relief.

We then connected to the anger inside of her. I asked my client to connect directly with that anger and for it to express itself through her voice. It seemed confused.

Anger “I don’t really know what is going on, but I am almost all gone”

Nina: “Can you tell us more about how Sally is connected to the sadness?”

Anger: “She wouldn’t listen to me so I had to come in and be loud and shout at her so she would pay attention  and recognize me.”

Nina: “what can we do to release the rest of this anger?”

Sally began to shake physically as she shifted the rest of this emotion out of her. After a few moments of moving and shaking, she released another huge sigh of relief that accompanied a wide smile of pure bliss. She described how amazing it felt to be free of these two emotions.

We then moved on to connect with her grandmother and what they were learning from each other in this lifetime.

The HS described that Sally and her grandmother had been traveling together through many lifetimes as teachers for each other. In this life, her grandmother was to teach her to be herself, and to stand in her power.  Sally was to teach her grandmother about love and compassion. Her grandmother is very protective of her, and Sally was needing to detach herself slightly to show the grandmother that she will be alright.

Sally also had fear connected to past traumas stored in her lower chakras that needed to be released.  I asked the HS if this had anything to do with the crystal, and sacral chakra card I had pulled before the session, and they said yes.

HS: This needs to be worked on, as there’s a huge stone wall inside of her sacral chakra. It’s built from the fear of her traumatic experiences. For this to be resolved, they would need a hammer. When the last pieces of stone have crumbled, the empty space created will have to be filled up with golden light.

When we did as guided, Sally described it as sparkly fireworks going off inside her.

The HS then focused on her stomach and shoulders where the anger and sadness resided. They worked on the shoulders, removing what they showed her as a plank across her shoulders. 

They then guided us to the sadness in her stomach, which also had to be filled with something. They suggested chicken soup was the best thing to put in the place of the sadness, so we agreed to put some imaginary chicken soup in there, which made complete sense; adding the warmth and comfort of chicken soup.

As the session was drawing to a close, I asked the HS if there were any other messages that they would like to share, and the HS said, “She needs to know she is divinely protected. Angels are around her all the time. She needs to make peace with the Angels and the religious connotations connected to them.

Angels are universal energy to protect, to love, and to heal. We have been giving her many signs and throwing feathers from the sky but she wouldn’t listen. When she thinks about her grandpa, she connects with him and she connects to the Angels.”

After the session, Sally had little time to integrate before she had to go and help her Grandmother move into a nursing home, which for a lot of people can be a difficult and stressful experience. She decided to tell her grandmother about the session, and about the angels and her new perception of them.

Her grandmother, being a devout catholic, was delighted. They had clashed for years on the subject of angels, and finally, at this huge transition of life, the angels had really brought them together. What a huge gift for them both.

I often get updates from Sally with pictures of the feathers that are thrown from the sky while she is on her way to see her Grandmother, and updates on their connection. 

I truly adore these BQH sessions, especially when they have such unexpected guidance and beautiful results. 

Who knew that even imaginary chicken soup could also be such a comfort.

Article by Nina Morrocco

Editor’s Note: Nina Morrocco is a BQH practitioner located in Peebles, Scotland. Visit her BQH profile to book your session today.

Alternatively, visit to find your perfect practitioner. A community that supports healing modalities of all kinds. 

Editors: Chrysilla Lewies / Diana Adair

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