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Powerful Source Level BQH Session

Beyond Quantum Healing ,Session Stories

The following video showcases an online BQH session where the client spends quite a little bit of time in the swirling colors. The trance part of her session ends up being 2.5 hours! And get this… I actually end up purposefully clicking away from the Zoom meeting and leaving her in trance. Pay special attention to her body movements. They are not self created! (Original session date 2018)

Partial Transcript

So let’s just set the scene a little bit first. Okay, so first off, it’s an online session. And I remember one of the first questions I asked you was, have you done anything like this before? And you told me yes, you’d had other quantum healing sessions. And so I was a little curious as to why you wanted another one. And what was your answer? Do you remember what you said?

I remember I wanted to have a session with you because if I’m going to be a quantum healing practitioner, I want to have a session with someone that I consider the master in the space the one that’s creating this modality in a sense, that’s really helping bring people together practitioners and people that want to have sessions and this being so innovative, and you’re an expert and so the expert in my mind, and and so, the best way to learn this from someone is from the expert like when I when I learned how to ski I didn’t just ski with my friends that are poking along doing snowplow I went to my friends that were really good and I’m like, okay, just let me hang with you. And I learned a lot faster and I wanted to have that experience to really know what it felt like to be the clients and to experience the session because in order to, for me to deliver a really good experience for someone else, I need to know what it feels like I need to know, like, what is it like to be on the other end of a scenario because I think it deepens your ability to really give someone that experience and, and I knew that coming to you, I’ve, I’ve learned more than I could by reading, you know, by watching videos or, or reading books that I really get that just I really understand on every level.

What it was that I wanted to be to explain, like, what I learned what it was to, like, experience the things that I was learning logically. So for me, it’s that, you know, having the experiential learning is, is more important, because when I’m actually in a session, you have to tap into that. You can’t be thinking, oh, yeah, on page three, or during this video, you have to felt it in a sense, I think you bring something like a higher level of kind of a high level, a higher level of teaching or, like when when you’re leading a session, if you’ve actually been through the experience you’re in, anticipate, it’s always good if you can have a session if you’re going to be a practitioner, absolutely.

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