A Mysterious Drumbeat

A Mysterious Drumbeat

Session Stories

By Christina Lavers

If someone were to ask me what I love most about BQH sessions my reply would be the way every session is completely unique in a way that offers deep healing and personal insight to each individual. When I finish the induction and ask, “Tell me the first thing you see, or the first impression you have,” I patiently await what follows, knowing that the words that flow will be seeds from which an entire multifaceted, organic journey will unfold. The variation between styles in sessions is truly remarkable. Ranging from metaphorical sagas to high level spiritual rendezvous with guides and soul family, each session offers a tailored guidance and healing perfectly aligned with the worldview and mindset of the participant.  In this article I will describe a journey that I love so much because it illustrates so colourfully the ingenious, magical, and often surprising ways a session can unfold.

In the preliminary discussion this woman told me that she felt completely disconnected from her inner voice. She wanted to follow her own guidance and knowing but felt at a complete loss to connect. Not feeling like she knew what she wanted, she floated through life without much personal direction, typically aligning with other people’s will and desires. 

 As the hypnosis part of the session began, she saw herself as a fairylike creature flying through a tropical forest. She noted that her wings acted like speakers, and as she hovered over different plants, she could hear their varying sounds: the soft and quiet mushrooms, the gentle moss, and the loud ferns. As she wove her way through lush audible landscape, she mentioned that in the distance she could hear a sound like a drum beating. She said she sensed that it was a positive force, yet it made her feel uncomfortable. When she wondered what the purpose of the drum was, the answer that came was that it helped ensure the quiet ones have their needs met.

Later in the session she found herself facing her own heart. When I asked her if she wanted to enter it, she said it felt impossible; she could only look from the outside in. What she saw from there was that there was another being anchored at the centre of her heart. It was a magical looking creature with little horns like a sea horse, and scales that reflected her surroundings like mirrors. 

As she watched, she realized that she had come to rely on this creature. It assisted her to blend into her environment, to almost become invisible as she moved through her world. This ability had served her well for a long time, but she could also see that having it at the centre of her heart stopped her from taking this central position in her own being.

She could feel a strong love and bond had developed between her and this being. She saw flashes of the occasion they had first connected. It was many lifetimes ago in a forest. They had both felt lonely and misunderstood. There was an understanding between them that had been comforting, and a symbiotic relationship was formed from their needs.

However, she understood that it was time to release it. She was tired of floating aimlessly through life. She needed to step into the seat of her power. The being also could see that piggybacking on this woman’s destiny stopped it from fulfilling its own.

There was a deep sadness as this mesmerising creature extricated itself from her heart and said farewell.  There was a profound love between them that would remain, even though their paths would be separate from that point. 

With her heart vacated, she could now reclaim this innermost position at the centre of her being. As she settled into this sacred space she exclaimed, “This is where the drumming is coming from!” 

The sound of the drum was her own heart, her own unique rhythm. She was always looking outside herself, trying to accommodate external cues. Now that she was able to access her inner sanctum, she could hear her own directives, her own tempo and she would finally be able to march to the beat of her own drum. 

As she immersed herself fully into her own resonance it no longer felt foreign and uncomfortable, it felt like home. 

She then explained that she was seeing an analogy for her life in which she was in an orchestra. Previously she had always tried to mimic whatever instruments were around her, but now she could see that that orchestras weren’t about everyone trying to play the same thing, but about each individual playing their part, contributing their own unique melody to the collective harmony. 


Christina Lavers is a BQH practitioner, located in Upper Orara, NSW, Australia. She is devoted to assisting people to find and connect with their own creative magical current that flows deep within. “As more of us learn to live our life in alignment with our hearts, the more love will be flowing around the planet. Our world urgently needs more love!”

To discover more about Christina’s practice please visit her Website: https://www.christinalaverscoaching.com/

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