Multidimensiality 3 Ways

3 Ways to Describe Multidimensionality

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Hi, everyone, it’s Candace Craw-Goldman, and today I’m coming to you to talk about multidimensionality, I’m going to talk about it in three different ways:

  1. The first way is going to be about a session I had a number of years ago.
  2. The second is going to be a conversation that we’re having on, the practitioner portion of the of the website, the support form.
  3. Then I’m going to talk about a session that I recently had.

Can someone actually be living two lives at once?
Can you meet another one of your own selves?
What does it mean to experience multidimensionality anyway?

Video Transcript

My client – I will call her Cindy, found herself in the body of a man wearing stringy old sandals. He was alone in a sparce room with a humble, simple bed looking out of archway-shaped door to an empty street. He was an older man but not elderly. He had carmel colored skin that was sunburned a bit and dry and flakey. He has a turban, tightly wound and dark hair. He was a man who had worked hard and long in his life. He was tired, but not unhealthy.

Are there other people around? I asked.

No- no the path outside, the street is empty. I just woke up.  I only see a donkey. He has blankets and a rope, but he is not tethered.

Is that your donkey?

No. I am curious about this donkey. He looks thirsty. I don’t know how I know a donkey is thirsty, . Maybe I should follow him. I can take him to get some water. I will pick up my own water jug and take his rope and he goes with me, no problem.

Okay tell me about the street as you go.

The streets are dirt. Narrow. Empty. There are buildings around but they are sort of built into the hill. I have never seen anything like that.  All sand colored. Stone. There is earth on top of them. We are headed to,  well it looks like a well.

What kind of a well, can you describe with more detail?

It’s a community well, a short wall is in front of it. Oh. Oh there is a bucket there. There is water water, all spilled. From the bucket. Somebody has been here. Yes. She, she spilled some water, so she was here. I see a hooded figure. No man would wear that. I don’t know where she went but she is seared in my mind’s eye. She is bent over, she is bent over. She’s… not wll. She’s young, but not well. She’s so pretty. So pretty. I don’t see her face right now but I know she is beautiful. So beautiful.

I wonder who she is?

I don’t know.

Let’s get water for the donkey.

This is where I fill my jug. Then I take it home. I made it myself you know. I made this jug. It is beautiful. It doesn’t have any carvings on it, it is plain and old. It is a fine jug. It is pretty.

The donkey made a big mess and knocked over the bucket. Yeah, he’s going down the hill now.

He promptly stopped talking about the woman with the blue robe and continued to describe his surroundings.

“The buildings seem to be part of the land itself. It is the dry season. Oh there is a switch back road here, I didn’t see that before. I am going to go down.”

At this point I am pretty sure that the woman with the blue robe is not a small detail but an integral part of what was going on here so I simply ask.

I am wondering about the woman with the blue robe who doesn’t feel well. Can we find out more about her?

“I just see her as a beggar, a beggar in the street but that robe, and she, she is gorgeous. Its not like she is poor actually, she is …sad. Sad and in so much pain. I think someone died. Yes.

He paused and then said, “Oh. Oh it was me. I died! She was hunched over at the well. I am sure she was crying. And spilled the water.”

At this point I was a bit confused. How were we talking and following a man who was dead? So I ask.

What do you mean? It was you who died?

She was sad because I died. I think she is my daughter. My daughter. And she is so beautiful.

Can you help me understand what is going on?  thought you were following a donkey, how is it that you are dead? Are you not in a body?

And here it gets even a bit more confusing because he says, “Oh I never really saw the woman. I saw a vision of her, an impression of her. She wasn’t actually there.”

I am alone. There is no one else here. I think she just came to the well with the donkey and… I don’t know, maybe she found out I wasn’t here anymore.

It almost sounds like you are in 2 different worlds.

More questions about the woman, the story or the man’s life were not really answered fully. The man mostly focused upon the donkey and the water. The clean water of the well, a dirty polluted river, and the donkey looking for forage. “I just want to follow the donkey. He is old. He is tired. Let’s follow the donkey.”

Cindy went on to experience another completely different life in a completely different time period. This second life was as rich and as interesting as the first. We explored that life fully and then we moved on with the rest of the session.

It wasn’t until we called in Cindy’s Higher Self that things became clear who was who in this session, when did they live in relationship to each other and why was it important for Cindy to experience.. Who was this man? Why was this lifetime shown? Who was the mysterious beautiful woman in the blue robe?

The man lived alone. She was his daughter. He abandoned her. She loved him. She loved him dearly. And she needed him. She needed a father. It was not safe for her to be without him, but he was unwilling to care for her. He wanted a quiet life- alone.

I asked about the mother.

The mother was a whore. The mother disappeared, the man cared for the girl for a time and then set her out into the street he abandoned her. He didn’t want her to be a whore, but she was the daughter of a whore. This beautiful girl was the lesson. She was the reason.

His heart was hard. He should have protected her.

But why? Why is this important for Cindy to see?

She needs to take care of her now. She needs to take care of this beautiful woman.

So the man, was he an actual past life of Cindy’s?

Yes. And now he has a chance to care for the beautiful woman.

Who is this beautiful woman? Someone in Cindy’s life?

It is her. It is her. Cindy IS her.  All she wanted was love from the father. Her father could not give that love to her.

So the man was a past life aspect of Cindy?


And the beautiful woman is also an aspect of Cindy?


Wanting to understand the time component more clearly I asked more questions.

And they lived at the same time?


And he, the man was seeing his daughter, the woman in a blue robe, in a vision? A vision of the future? Where he was dead and she was crying? Yes.

And the lesson for Cindy is to care for herself? Yes. -And that she is beautiful. The beautiful woman is telling me to take care of her. She needs to see how beautiful she is, and she needs to take care of herself.

He almost hated her. He pushed her away. But she loved him, even though he had a hard heart.

Deep inside he knew he loved her, but everything was so wrong…

At this point Cindy’s consciousness expresses discomfort and she clutches her chest. Oh my heart, it feels so heavy. So heavy. My chest hurts. The donkey is here. He is standing on my chest. Stubborn ass donkey.

At this point I called in the Healing Team and we began to clear all of the pain and heaviness from Cindy’s heart and we received advice from the Higher Self about self care and the importance of seeing herself as the incredibly beautiful woman she was, and is.

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