Cancer A Mechanism Of Transformation

Cancer a Mechanism of Transformation

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Cancer has touched the lives of many and the following article provides an alternative perspective. 

surrogate quantum healing session?  Basically, it is a way to assist a client with Quantum Healing who feels that they would rather have another person “stand in their place” for a session. The idea is to allow another practitioner to contact their Higher Self on their behalf. There are a number of reasons why people may feel they are unable or are unwilling to attempt entering a trance state. Quantum Healers Donna McMurtry and Diana Adair offer this service for those who feel that a surrogate session would be ideal for them.

Cancer a Mechanism of Transformation

Our surrogate session today was for an elderly lady, diagnosed with colon and lung cancer, in the hospital recovering from a collapsed lung, and beginning chemo/radiation this weekend. Here are some of her HS’s intriguing comments;

“The cancer (sick physical cells) is the same vibration as the unneeded emotions (blame and self-blame) that are weighing her down. The one frequency matches the other. But they can cancel each other out in a way. It’s the opportunity for the treatments to clean all of that out. (Much work was done to call in the highest frequencies of the treatments she will receive, and protect her from the part of the treatments that would not be beneficial. Specific physical supports were suggested.) She didn’t choose cancer before she came in, but during the lifetime, because there are many unnecessary things still stuck in her body at this point of the life. This is the Soul’s chosen opportunity to release it. The Cancer opportunity.”

Her Guide was a large monarch butterfly Being, because she carries the energy of transformation. Transformation is what the client brought here to help earth/humanity and what this time—this “cancer”—is about; a mechanism of transformation. It’s literally getting rid of cells and frequencies so that higher ones can replace them. Cancer is always a mechanism of transformation whether it’s changing out cells, letting go of body parts—or letting go of this body completely—to take a new form. Transformation literally means; changing the form of being. Much was said on how she can be very intentional about working with what’s leaving and what she wants to transform into in this lifetime.

I commented on how very deep the fear programming is around cancer and asked how the Higher Self could address or shift the fear, to actually flowing with this “cancer opportunity”.
The Higher Self said: “Imagine a child is playing in the dirt, mixing it with water to make mud pies and other creations, having fun. Then the mother comes out and scolds or punishes the child because she is muddy and has ruined her clothes. The joy of the play, and all the learning it serves, is not seen or encouraged. Fear and shame has been introduced and is now the primary programming linked to playing in the dirt and water for that child. Yes, the ruining of clothes, the inconveniences and complications of a muddy child is real and true. But underneath that is the pure joy of making new creations, and all of the learning available in this type of “dirty” play. Strip the fear/shame programming from cancer and you will see the lessons and the joy of new creations.

Trust was another major theme. Trusting and flowing with this, as the opportunity to transform.

There was of course, MUCH more, but these little tidbits are what stuck out to me. Quite a different viewpoint on cancer!

Article by Donna McMurtry

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