Bosnian Pyramids Session Transcript

Bosnian Pyramids Session Transcript

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Hara Katsiki, from Berlin, Germany, facilitated the following Quantum Healing session where amazing information about the mystery and legacy of the BOSNIAN PYRAMIDS were revealed. The subject of the Bosnian Pyramids was very new to Hara before this session and she only knew that some years ago the pyramids were discovered in that area.

She did research the topic after the session and found some astonishing phenomena of these pyramids and so she intends to investigate the subject further with more in-depth questions, as this discovery is so important for the history of humankind. 

Full Transcript below:
H: Hara
A: Client

H: What about the Bosnian pyramids? She feels connected to this place. Why does she feel such a strong connection?
A: Yes she feels connected because she came from there.
H: What do you mean she came from there? She was born there in this life or in another life?
A: In her first life on Earth, many years ago. She is a part of them and is a part of that.
H: Do you mean that she was part of the group that built the pyramids?
A: Yes!
H: Ok, How long ago was that can you flash her a number now in her mind?
A: I am not sure if it’s it’s 50000 or 500000 years…
H: Can we ask for a more clear vision of the number?
A: 50000 years ago
H: Wonderful! So she was there in the beginning. Is it appropriate for her to know of the connection from that life? You said that it was her first life on Earth is that correct?
A: Yes and again it was not an easy one. She didn’t like it in the beginning.
H: Why was it difficult for her? Was it difficult for her to accumulate on earth?
A: She didn’t quite look as she looks today, she looked different.
H: Do you mean that her body looked different?
A: Yes
H: Can you show her a picture of how she looked like back then? What do you see?
A: She had a different skin color. Not too different but it was different enough to make it difficult for them to be in between the humans and these beings were also bigger in size. So, the color of the skin was a bit bluish or greenish but not like the Blue Avians. It was not that blue. It was a little bit blue, just a hint of blue. And really light skin, almost transparent, It looks very fragile, very thin. The fingers are a bit longer. I think there are four of them. Yes, four fingers. And the head is a little bit different, a bit bigger.

H: What shape is the head then?
A: It looks like it’s wider on the top, a little bit like the head of a fly.
H: So the forehead was bigger?
A: Yes
H: And the eyes?
A: Almost like human eyes but a little bit bigger. Almost like cat eyes. Yes, that would be the most similar.
H: I see. Were these beings native on Earth or visiting Earth?
A: No, they were not native.
H: So how did they come to Earth?
A: They had come before, but I didn’t come with them. I was born here on Earth.
H: So, they came here on earth and they stayed here and made families?
A: Yes.
H: Where do these beings originate from?
A: Far away, from another galaxy. On the right side of our Sun, as we look towards our Sun. I am not educated in astronomy so I cannot tell you exactly which planet.
H: That’s ok. Did these beings build the Bosnian pyramids?
A: Yes, yes!
H: Why?
A: To keep a direct connection…
H: A connection to what?
A: To their world, to their source.
H: So they were able to do this through the pyramids?
A: Yes
H: That’s very interesting, tell us more about that, how were the pyramids assisting in this connection?
A: They were operating like a bouncer for radiofrequency.
H: Like a transmitter like an antenna?
A: Exactly like an antenna! So they built a big infrastructure of many pyramids with two entrance doors, that were made for uploading and downloading information. Each pyramid represented a symbol or what you could also call deity or being, that was important for them.
H: From their perspective you mean?
A: Yes, exactly from their perspective. Because they also have sun, they have a moon, etc
H: How many pyramids did they build?
A: The built more than the ones that have been discovered so far. Yes, there are more. They haven’t discovered all of them yet!
H: Oh, so there are more to be discovered?
A: Yes! At this time on Earth, there have been 5 that have been discovered but there are 6 more. So, there are 11 in total.
H: How was this transmission being done?
A: You cannot understand it from your perspective now because the balance of the energy was much different back then, and also the rules of physics, gravity, and polarity. The polarities where different, everything was different, the energy was different than what it is now. So now they are a little bit like a broken machine In the museum of Antiquities…

H: So they don’t function anymore in the same way that they did back then?
A: No, not in the same way but they are still strong.
H: The beings that built them; did they stay long here on Earth?
A: They wanted to stay long but they couldn’t. They were conquered or forced to leave or vanished in some way.
H: And was she involved in the process of building the pyramids?
A: She was part of the community. She was involved in keeping their energies in balance. Yes, she was one of those who were working there to balance. And it’s this life that she needs to remember and of her ability to balance energy. She forgot about it!

H: How can she tap into this knowledge and bring her gift that she had back online?
A: She has to believe in herself.
H: So they are still inside of her?
A: Yes, they are! Yes. And that’s why when she went there this summer when they were entering the Pyramids, she felt like “home” And she was doing what she was supposed to be doing just by being there.

H: So she was called to be there?
A: Yes, it was no accident that she visited this place again in this life. She had been feeling the call for 10 years but she only answered to the call now… Now is the time. Now is the time again!
H: Now is the time for what?
A: Remember. To remember who we are. Who we all are!
H: Ok, so this calling is also for the collective, and perhaps not only personally for her?
A: Yes for those who feel connected. Not everyone does, but many people do. She’s one of those who feel deeply connected, but it’s for everyone. And it’s not the only place on Earth but it’s certainly the place for her.
A: So It’s for a good reason that they have been discovered in they are now digging them out?
A: Cautiously, but yes.
H: Why do you say cautiously?
A: Because they were purposefully covered and hidden!
H: Why?
A: To protect…
H: When you say “to protect” what do you mean? Could they be potentially dangerous in the wrong hands?
A: Yes, exactly.
H: So it seems that they were very powerful tools?
A: Yes, but now it’s safe because humanity has changed. We switched.
H: What do you mean “switched”?
A: I mean the consciousness of the people is rising. We have much more to learn. There are some individuals who are leading and who are opening the doors, so to say. The ones that are going through the Fog. The bravest ones! We have a lot more to do. Now it is safe. We have to learn to accept that what we see is not the same anymore as things are changing. The shift is happening, but there is also the other side of the circle. it’s always moving.

H: what do you mean by that?
A: How to describe it…I’m just seeing the ball spinning, rolling, moving. it’s moving which is good, movement is always good! And the rules of nature are also changing! And the rules of the universe too! I am talking about physics. That’s why we are living in such a turbulent time, because the things that we used to believe in, the things that we learned are simply not there anymore! Which for many is difficult to accept. So, the time is now to learn to be flexible.

H: Why is this happening?
A: Because we’re moving into another reality. And it’s not only on Earth, but the whole universe is also evolving! That’s why there are so much turbulence and excitement at the same time, but it’s definitely not the easiest time to be, especially on Earth!
H: Yes it’s a big change, right?
A: It’s a huge change!

To be continued…

Article by Hara Katsiki

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