The New Wave of 2020: Children to Lead the way.

The New Wave of 2020: Children to Lead the way.

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Article by Nina Morrocco

The New Wave of 2020: Children to Lead the way. 

I’m excited to share with you the following BQH session I facilitated. For me it truly underlines how incredible this work as a BQH practitioner is. (not that that I was ever in doubt!)

It was the client’s second BQH session, and the message from her higher self was that she is to help, protect and encourage the new wave of children being born in 2020.

We were an hour and 10 minutes into the session when I asked how the client can help restore and recharge her physical body as well as sustain clear boundaries. Meditation was the answer, as well as finding stillness was important.

The Higher Self (HS) went on to say:

HS: This is an incredibly busy time. There will be a birth, and it will be a very gifted child.

Nina: Will this birth be with someone close to the client?

HS: Yes, her daughter will birth this child. She will be a bright shining star, and a beacon of life, hope and love.

Nina: What can the client do to help nurture and encourage this child?

HS: Sing songs, pour love and energy into her upbringing, listen to the child and  her develop her gifts. Don’t lock them away or tell the child they are bad, because they are not.

Nina: Would we be able to connect with the soul of this child?

HS: Yes

Nina: Do you have a message for your grandmother to be?

Soul: I am meant to be born to bring great joy and deep healing for all the people of the world.

Nina: Do you have a message for your mother?

Soul: I am your miracle and I will bring you much love. I choose you as my mother.

Nina: What is your purpose in this lifetime?

Soul: My purpose is to heal the world. I am one of many.

Nina: Is there any information you can give us that will assist your family in raising you?

Soul: Be a Beacon of light, and encourage me. I will be healing others from the age of 3, so you must protect me from being exploited. You must maintain my boundaries and my energy, because there are many in the world who would suck my energy, and deplete it. The people in this world would still want more, but I am not the only one. I am one of many thousands who will be born in 2020. The timing is perfect.

Nina: Have you been to Earth before?

Soul: Oh yes, many times.

Nina: Where is your soul from?

Soul: Andromeda

Nina: Thank you for coming through and speaking with us.

We continued with the session, and eventually I brought the client back to every-day consciousness.

She said: “I don’t remember anything.”

I filled her in by sharing my notes with her. Eventually, I got to the part where I told her about the message from her grandchild-to-be.

She said: “Oh, well that would be a miracle.” She explained that her daughter was unable to conceive naturally, and that IVF was the only option, which wasn’t looking likely. I relayed the information and the messages that had come through in her session. I also noted down the timestamp in the recording for her to listen to that particular part of the session.

The very next day I received a message from the client, saying she had just found out that her daughter was pregnant through natural conception, which left the medical staff scratching their heads.  

These new wave babies are MIGHTY!!! 

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Editors: Chrysilla Lewies / Diana Adair

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