Carry The Light

Carry The Light

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Article by Quantum Healing Practitioner 

Mario Radinger 

In today’s Quantum Healing session, the client’s Superconscious (=SC) agreed to share their perspective on the present global situation. 


M: Could you please comment on the current events that are turning the world upside down?

SC: The planet is cleansing. Humankind must decelerate, which is happening. Many souls are leaving Earth – because they choose to. The planet is breathing a sigh of relief. Don’t be fearful. 

M: So, this virus is not really a threat?

SC: Correct. It serves as an opportunity for many to leave the planet at this time who have completed their task and want to return home.

M: What are those supposed to do who are staying?

SC: Help. Work against fear. Spread light. No one who carries light within and looks after themselves needs to worry about getting sick. The human body is a miracle and programmed for health. Unfortunately, many people are being shown something else that is not true. 

M: What are you referring to?

SC: That someone else on the outside has to help them become healthy. They can find it all inside themselves. We can heal everything, but we need to be given access.

M: How can that be done?

SC: You have to allow it. You have to feel our love, our energy. Also, you must believe that it is possible. Your beliefs determine everything. If you don’t believe it, then it won’t work. We can only help those who believe that it is possible.


What’s your story?

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