Taking Back The Power

Taking Back the Power

Session Stories

Article by Mario Radinger

On her Soul Journey, this client went back to a time before Ancient Egypt. She was shown a life as a sort of human antenna that channelled information from the Sun for the people to help them reconnect with their divine origin. One day a group of beings arrived. They killed him, put his corpse into a statue and proclaimed themselves to be the messengers between him and the people. Over millennia, this cult went on to grow, diversify and eventually control most of humanity.

Later in the session, I asked the client’s Superconscious (SC) to put all into context. […]

M: Please explain who that group was.

SC: A thought-form which is part of us, too. A part that wanted to go in a different direction and exercise control over others to see how that felt. When they appeared on Earth it was decided to let it play out because the majority of humanity wanted it. 

M: Why did they come to Earth?

SC: At some point, the humans in this dimension of Earth had chosen not to know what is best for themselves. They wanted to be told. So, beings came to tell them. But something has changed since then. More and more people have realized they don’t want that anymore, they want to take back control. That means that this other thought-form has to go. But they’ll only leave when enough people share that opinion. It must be a majority again.

M: What’s the current status? 

SC: It is very exciting! There are more and more people who think that these other thought-forms must go. Something is shifting. A change is taking place. Humans take less and less notice of these thought-forms, until they become useless and return to Source.

M: Many of those who are aware of what is taking place have quite negative emotions towards these beings.

SC: Of course. They think that these beings are doing something to them that goes against their own will. But that’s not the case. It’s like a game, a role-play. Some said, “We’re going to do this,” and others said, “Okay, and we’re going to do that,” and then everyone said, “Let’s see what happens.” They just keep forgetting. It is so interesting! Everyone wants to come back here again and again to see how that’ll turn out.


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