How to Understand Suffering when You only Know True Love

How to Understand Suffering when You only Know True Love

Session Stories

As a Quantum Healing Practitioner I know how frustrating a session can be when the Higher Self answers every question with some variation of “just love.” Love yourself. We love you. You are loved. Just trust! Release! Let go! LOVE EVERYTHING. 

Let’s face it, it’s irritating. And it used to frustrate the heck out of me. I felt like I could never ask the right question because, if I could, I would be getting help for the client instead of platitudes which is what the “love” answers feel like to a client who is in a state of panic, fear or despair. 

How can the client feel the love or “love through it” if they can’t figure out how to love themselves to begin with?

One thing I have come to understand is that the Higher Self really has no clue what it is like to despair. By virtue of being “ascended” they do not experience fear as we do. And here in the “third dimension” or “third density” fear is at the root of all our problems. So asking for answers is often frustrating for us, because we take our suffering for granted which makes it difficult to formulate questions that can properly convey our distress. And the higher up we go in hierarchy, the less the ascended beings who we connect with are able to identify with what we are talking about. For them, it’s simple! Just… love. 

I did a session once with a friend of mine who wanted to know why they always chose to lift her out of her body while she was driving to work. She found it almost impossible to stay grounded during her long morning commute. She and I took for granted that anyone would know not to bother someone while they are dealing with rush hour traffic. But when I asked about it, the being I was talking to said “What is driving?” WHAT IS DRIVING? Are you kidding? And they’re supposed to be keeping us safe.

Here’s a tip I discovered along the way: try asking for a guide that knows the client and who stays close to them on their journey in this dimension. Often, we have friends who stay behind as our first contact while we are in this density. They usually have a better understanding not only of us personally, having incarnated with us many times before, but of the way this 3rd density works. They can act as a translator for those who may be tuning in from higher frequencies. 

Article by Heather Wexler, BQH, QHHT® practitioner located in California, United States.

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